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What’s Dreaming Suitcase, Worms, Damn, Garlic ……..

What’s Dreaming Suitcase, Worms, Damn, Garlic ……..


Sleep, where you make tea, means that in real life you risk to commit some unseemly act, which you will later bitterly regret. If in a dream you see a sediment in your mug with tea, then it will be hard for you to cope with love disappointments. If you dreamed that you want to quench your thirst with hot tea, then wait for uninvited guests. Drinking tea in a warm company means that at this stage you are not looking for secular pleasures, but for relationships with people close to you in spirit. To shed tea means that you are waiting for household chores. Finding a box for tea empty means that someone is spreading rumors about you behind your back.


You should be prepared for the fact that in the near future you will simply be overwhelmed with work. The boiling kettle means the end of the struggle and the beginning of a period of prosperity. A broken kettle symbolizes failure. For a young woman, a dream in which she pours cold transparent water from a kettle means that she is expected by the favor of some influential person. A dream in which a young girl sees a teapot that has darkened from brewing, means that she will be unsuccessfully married. A bright kettle promises a worthy husband and a life without hassle.


If you see a chapel, then in reality you should be prepared for the misunderstandings and disagreements that will arise around you. If you dreamed that you are in the chapel, then you are expecting disappointments and changes in business. For young people, the dream in which they enter the chapel means that in real life they will have enemies, and love will bring disappointment.


Sleep, where you see the clock, predicts that through laborious work and careful thoughtfulness of your actions you can achieve prosperity. To break a clock means that you are in danger of loss and trouble. To break a glass in a watch means passing acquaintances. Losing a watch means for a woman that she is trapped by domestic problems. Stealing the watch means that your enemies are threatened by enemies. To give a watch means that your interests will suffer because of your imprudence and the inclination to doubtful pleasures. Watching the clock means that you are being threatened by enemies. Hearing a watch in a dream means getting unpleasant news.

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You see ugly jaws, then in your relationship with friends there will be a crack. If you dreamed that you became a victim of a wild animal and pleased with it in the jaw, then you should be prepared for the fact that the intrigues of enemies can destroy your happiness. A dream in which you feel that your jaws have brought down warns you of the danger that threatens your health.


Suitcase – for long trips. Collect a suitcase – for a quick pleasant journey. If you dreamed of a suitcase, all the things from which are thrown out and in disorder are scattered, then you should abandon the intended journey. Also try to avoid quarrels. Empty suitcases, as a rule, dream of disappointments in love and family life. For a person who does business, to see in a dream that he is checking the contents of his suitcase, means that, with reasonable management, he will be successful. Also a good sleep, in which he discovers that all things in the suitcase are not included, since this promises to expand the business.


See that you are trapped in the intrigues of greedy acquaintances. For a young woman, a dream in which worms crawl along it means that it seeks only material well-being. If she throws them off herself or kills, she will be disappointed by the material side of life and she will focus all energy on achieving moral and spiritual values. To fish on worms means that you will have to strain all efforts, show ingenuity and ingenuity, so that the intrigues of your enemies will not cause you significant harm.


If you are climbing into the attic, then you are too often starting from theoretical grounds that are not backed by practice. A loft in a dream is a favorable sign for poor people, as it promises them a fast enrichment.


To see the turtle means that some extraordinary situation will fundamentally change your life for the better. If you eat turtle soup in a dream, then in reality you will find pleasure in risky intrigues.

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If you dreamed that the ink spilled on someone’s clothes, then in real life envious people will cause you a lot of small, but annoying trouble. For a young woman a dream in which she sees ink means that around her good name will spread dirty gossip. If in a dream you see your fingers, stained with ink (especially red ones), then in real life your jealousy will cause a lot of trouble not only to your lover, but also directly to you. A bubble with ink seen in a dream warns of the possible emergence of new enemies.


You see a scoop, then in reality you will be lucky with friends and colleagues, and your children will become for you an inexhaustible source of joy. If the scoop is broken or dirty, then you are expected to lose.


To see the line is an unfavorable sign. To the peasants, he portends a crop failure, a loss of livestock, and also illnesses in the family; athletes, hunters and other people who are fond of risk – dangers and injuries. To see a feature in the guise of a well-dressed man who invites you to his house is a warning, as your enemies try to harm you, using the lowest ways. Women after such a dream should be more careful and not allow liberties in dealing with men. Beware of contact with the devil, even in dreams. If you dream that you are being pursued by his spell, then in reality you will end up in the network, placed for you by enemies hiding under the guise of friends. In love, such a dream predicts that a slutty woman will force him to violate the oath of loyalty.


You go through a wasteland, overgrown with thistles, then you should be prepared for the fact that in the near future you will be hit by a whole load of problems. However, do not despair. It only seems that you are left face to face with difficulties. Help will come from where you did not expect. If you dreamed that you cut off thistle shoots to make a bouquet, then in real life you will do something that you will regret later.


If you go between beds where garlic is planted, then soon the period of material difficulties will end. For a young woman such a dream means that when choosing her husband, she will be guided, above all, by common sense, not feelings. If you eat garlic in a dream, then when you make decisions, you will be guided by calculation, not by ideological principles.

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You avoid contact with people suffering from scabies, then in real life on the way to the cherished goal you will constantly pursue the fear of failure. If you dreamed that you yourself are sick with scabies, then waking around will try to use you to achieve their own goals. Young women after such a dream should be afraid of frivolous acquaintances.


If you sneeze, then because of sudden news you have to change your plans. If other people sneeze, in real life you will be bored by visits of uninvited guests.


Sleep, where you clean something, predicts hard work. Brushing your clothes means that you will be generously rewarded for your hard work. Cleaning the lantern means that you have huge opportunities. If you dream that you brush your teeth, then you will have to fight to defend your interests. If you dreamed that you are trying to clean the object of rust and you do not succeed, then in the near future you will have a serious reason for excitement. A dream is beneficial, in which you will succeed.


If you read, then in reality you can complete the work that has been started, however difficult it may seem at first. Seeing how others read, means that you know how to choose friends. The dream in which you discuss the book read means that you lack self-confidence.


To see stockings means that in real life you will make friends with frivolous people. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees that her stockings are torn and worn, means that she will be condemned for her unrighteous behavior. If in a dream she wears beautiful expensive stockings or pantyhose, then she will be accompanied by the attention of men, but she should think carefully before making her choice. If in a dream a woman sees white stockings on her feet, then such a dream is a warning. She is threatened by grief or disappointment.

Category: Witch's Dream

What’s Dreaming Suitcase, Worms, Damn, Garlic ……..

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