'Seinfeld'-Inspired Outfits You Can Recreate Yourself

As we wade into year two of this pandemic, finding alcohol-free and COVID-informed methods of self-soothing is no small feat. I can’t go out on the town. I can’t see all my friends at a party. And lord knows I can’t keep taking up new hobbies only to quit a week in.

I can, however, watch reruns of “Seinfeld” for weeks on end. I can even try to recreate all the characters’ outfits and show you how to do it yourself. And boy, did I.

It aired from 1989 to 1998, so the fashion on “Seinfeld” hits the sweet spot of shoulder pads meets generic, solid cotton crew neck sweatshirt. Though each character has a bit of a fashion arch (and upgrade) through the run of the show, there are a ton of trends you see in every season: loose, baggy clothes, lots of collared shirts and practical shoes for walking around Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan.

In 2022, these styles would be considered “norm-core” or “dad-core,” but I’m told from my actual dad that at the time, it was just what people wore. While I believe him, it’s hard for me to picture wearing a blazer to a diner, especially if I couldn’t put a picture of it on Instagram after.

Of course, Instagram’s influence on modern fashion brings up another 2022 Seinfeld observation: The four friends are certified outfit-repeaters. Watch a dozen episodes in a row, and you’ll notice the same jackets, hats, shirts and shoes again and again on screen. But rather than feeling tired or drab, these well-worn pieces continue to make fresh, good-looking outfits. With different accessories and styling, the characters of “Seinfeld” developed their own distinctive style that feels very “them,” but also true to life. You see them coming from the gym, going to a party and midway through a bad road trip, looking realistic at every turn.

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The pieces in most of my looks are from Goodwill and thrift shops, but rest assured, you can buy all of these looks online. To achieve the baggy look, you may want to size up when getting blazers or button-ups (especially if you, like me, have a large chest). The characters on “Seinfeld” really love to layer, which is another reason to size up.

Without further ado, I give you my recreation of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer’s styles, and where to get them for yourself.

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