15 winter signs
56591 15 winter signs

15 winter signs

15 winter signs

Winter is a magical time when the Higher Forces give many signs through which you can know your destiny. After all, many winter signs can predict the future. Be attentive to the tips of nature and weather, to make friends with luck and avoid trouble.

  • If you make a wish for the bullfinch seen for the first time this winter, it will come true. Especially if you rub a mitten on a mitten (or a glove on a glove) and quietly say: “What is meant for a bullfinch, it will soon come to pass, what is planned, it will be fulfilled. I want (to say to myself). ”
    A happy omen is considered to be married in the winter. The church marriage concluded at this time will be very strong and happy. The prerequisite will come true, if young people, leaving the church, say each to themselves: “Who in the winter is crowned, that happiness is provided. To be cold fierce, and our marriage strong. We step on the winter path – we call happiness “.
  • Children conceived in the winter months, will be born healthy and strong, real heroes and beauties. A future mother can help her children in this. After learning about pregnancy, say, stroking your stomach: “There is no stronger children of those who are conceived in the winter. It is good for me to be born to a healthy and strong man, I should be proud of him. Let the child grow up, but his strength comes. “
  • The child will grow up very smart and smart, if he takes his first steps in the winter. One of the parents should at that moment bring snow from the street, sprinkle on the place where the baby was walking, and say: “I sprinkle the first steps with snow, success is fixed. Snow melts – melts, and my (my) son (daughter) step, do not toil, grow strong and reasonable, obedient and intelligent. What is meant on such a day is sure to come true. “
  • A good sign is considered to be winter, at sunrise, to wash with melt water. This means that beauty and youth will last for a long time. During such washing it is necessary to utter a conspiracy: “I wash my face with melted water, I preserve beauty. Drops on the cheeks roll, wrinkles on my face do not appear, eyes glow, youth last. ” If you enjoy this procedure, you can repeat it every day. The plot is pronounced once in the winter.
  • But to knead the dough in a snowstorm is a bad omen, the house will leave warmth, both spiritual and ordinary. To prevent this from happening, the hostess of any winter dough (even without a blizzard) should accompany a whisper: “In the winter, the dough should be kneaded, it does not please the blizzard that it does not waste heat, and the soul does not chill. My dough, get up, house, fill with warmth. “
  • If a fly or a butterfly has appeared in the living room in the winter, be a deceased in the house. In this case, the whole house is sprinkled with holy water and utters a spell that protects against this: “Butterflies and flies do not curl, and grief does not happen. They get out of the threshold, I get rid of trouble. Here you do not swim in winter, I do not want to grieve. Fly and butterflies out, I’m shielded from trouble. “
  • If you saw coins in the snow – rejoice, this is to great profit. The sign will necessarily come true if you collect coins, put them in a secluded place in the house and say: “As snowflakes fall from the sky, let these coins multiply. Snows can not be large, I do not grieve for lack of money. Will send winter to the land of deep snow, but to me in the wallet the profit is greater. ” Coins to spend when profits happen.
  • If you shout at the late winter night on the street the name of a loved one and hear a sonorous echo in response – it’s necessary to be a wedding. After the echo is heard, it is necessary to whisper into the darkness: “The echo is ringing, my dear one paves the way for me. In the snow, white rush a troika wedding, sounded wedding songs about the servants of God (names). May it be so!”
  • If on that winter day, when you have to go on a long journey, there is mud and mud in the street, then the trip promises tears and trouble. To prevent this from happening, you need to go out into the street, turn to the front door and face the words of the conspiracy clearly and confidently: “That they were faithfully expected at home and well received at the guests. Let the road be successful, without tears and sorrow. House-house, send me the way straight on the winter road, without knowing the alarm. “
  • In winter, birds often fight in the windows of housing – to gossips and slander. In order not to cause unnecessary trouble and harm to others’ rumors, after each such bird’s flight, one should say in a whisper, looking at the window into which the bird hit: “The bird in the window appeared, but did not stay the night. By the time I’m flying-I’m not going to suffer grief through someone else’s words, you have to bring joy. ”
    If in the winter in the shed there suddenly collapses a masonry with firewood – a quarrel between the spouses. Preventing a squabble can be such a conspiracy immediately after the discovery of the destroyed masonry: “The woods fall, and we with a dear friend do not ever quarrel, through quarrels of trouble do not know, in the joy of the century to age. I clean up the firewood – I drive the quarrel. “
  • In winter, suddenly fall into an ice hole – to a large loss or a serious loss. Neutralize the sign can in this way – as soon as possible change into dry clothes and loudly say: “Do not test me, winter, do not scare the polynya with a student’s polynya. I’m afraid not to be, lose (loss) pass. ”
    If in the winter in a dream the summer will be a dream-to unexpected news. To them not to be bad, but on the contrary, happy, having woken up, you need to hold yourself by the tip of your nose and whisper: “Every pore has its turn, there is no summer flight ahead. Bad news – out, good – in the house. “
  • If the traveler is lost in a snowstorm, then they try to corrode him. In order to neutralize other people’s witchcraft: spoiling, spell and other influences, one must turn around to face the snowy streams and say: “Do not fool the Purga, do not conjure the sorcerer, leave me alone, which was intended to be corrected. Hudu around the world do not rush, into the abyss to fail. I have to live – do not be afraid, do not meet with the spies. “
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