2018 Rat Horoscope
72743 2018 Rat Horoscope

2018 Rat Horoscope

2018 Rat Horoscope


The year of the Dog would be quite a happy and satisfying period for Rat people. Occasional sadness and periods of downs however cannot be ruled out. Pursue what is good for your heart and soul. Put all your might in what you do. Be sure to spend ample time with family and friends because they are your ultimate wealth in life. Try to do the impossible and have a great year ahead.


New ventures and projects would come in the way for Rabbit people this year. You would be finding and learning new ways to tackle chores as well. There would be a strong impulse in you to prove your mettle to your higher -ups and peers in workplace. Be courageous, take risks and go with the wind. Some sacrifices though need to be made en-route.


The financial status or standing of Rat natives would be quite oscillating for the year ahead. Make sure that you are not extravagant with money. Find various means of making money apart from your professional earnings. Planning your budget in lieu of your inflow of funds would save you from serious concerns in future.

Co-operative deals and ventures would prove financially viable and attractive for you through the year. Look out for new avenues if you want to go further in your financial path.


The year of the Dog would bring about major changes in your love life. You might be tempted to stray and do things that you have not done before in your relationships. This year is a good time to forge long-lasting relationships. Rat natives are predicted with much luck in the love front though. In-spite of problems creeping in now and then you would be able to sort them out amicably with your partner these days.

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Year 2018 would be conducive for sensual and romantic moves for the natives. Friends would be a major source of your love and they come in your life much more than your family.


Health of Rat natives would be of average nature through the year 2018. Though occasional bouts of unhappiness comes in , do not get weighed down. Be positive to maintain your physical and mental health. Follow your instincts, load up on your energy levels and keep working. This would be an amazing year in the health front if you follow strict diet and health plans.


This year of the Dog would be quite a good year for Rat people in terms of finances and profession. Natives are advised to make use of the opportunities that come their path to their fullest potential. Do not get bogged down by occasional delays, hindrances and negativity around.

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