5 Ways Hillary Clinton Can Win Next Week’s Debate Against Donald Trump

5 Ways Hillary Clinton Can Win Next Week’s Debate Against Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will square off in the first presidential debate, hosted by NBC, on Monday, September 26. The debate, which is expected to shatter viewing records, will be a pivotal moment in an unexpectedly tight race for the White House.

A strong performance from Hillary Clinton would help her regather some of the momentum she has lost since the Democratic convention in August. Here are five things that could help ensure she gets the better of Donald Trump on the debate stage.

1) Purell Hand Sanitizer 

"Miami, USA - October 21, 2012: Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer 2 fl oz bottle. Purell brand is owned by Gojo Industries."

Gotta stay healthy.

2) CamelBak Hydration Pack

Hydration System

Gotta stay hydrated. However, her staff must insist that Hillary fill it water, and not booze.

3) Cough Drops

Cough Drop

Gotta be prepared. Hillary has been known to suffer from spontaneous, violent coughing fits.

4) Ambulance

Two paramedics putting patient into ambulance

Just in case.

5) Stability-Enhancing Exoskeleton Suit


Gotta stay upright. Advanced technology can increase mobility and help the elderly maintain stability in high-pressure situations.


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