7 ancient signs about the mirror
56592 7 ancient signs about the mirror

7 ancient signs about the mirror

7 ancient signs about the mirror

Many know about the magic of mirrors. But in everyday life, with its frantic rhythm, people hardly think what impact this mystical object can have on their fates. A lot of legends, legends and superstitions are associated with the mirror. Over the centuries, our ancestors have noticed what happened after an event involving a mirror surface. Here are seven signs that came to us from the depths of the ages.

1. Prediction for a month

To see important events that will occur in the coming month, you will need spring water, a metal basin, a wax candle and a small mirror. Filling the pelvis with water, you need to light a candle, lower the mirror at the bottom, look at it and evaluate the result. If you see:

his usual and unchanged face – no particularly important events in the next month will not happen;
his old face – illness, poor health, deterioration of health in general;
his childish face – good luck in everything, great luck;
his well-healed and become more attractive face – get acquainted with a person who will later play an important role in your life;
someone else’s face – there will be a strong enemy who will bring many troubles.

2. Do not cry, looking in the mirror

They say that if you see your mirror image in tears, you can incur sorrow. The fact is that at such times a karmic portal opens, which changes for the worse. Thus, you will change your own way of life, attract negative things to you, evil people and different misfortunes.

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3. Broken Mirror. How to avoid consequences?

The most famous superstition. Many believe that a broken mirror predicts adversity for the next few years. It also promises a serious illness and / or death of a relative. But there is an antidote for this terrible sign. The sooner doing certain manipulations, the sooner the negative is neutralized. In any case, it will be possible to reduce the influence of the negative energy that has escaped from the mirror fragments. Perhaps, troubles will follow, but serious diseases and death will not be.

That you avoid the above effects, you need to quickly wrap your hand with a white cloth (handkerchief, towel, tablecloth), collect all the shards of the broken mirror in a bag that you take out of the dwelling and buried under any young tree. The plant will take over all the negative.

4. Other people’s mirrors can be dangerous!

If you have to look in someone else’s mirror, for example, when you rent a house / apartment, it’s important to protect yourself. Otherwise, the energy that is contained in it, can go to you and cardinally affect your fate. To prevent this from happening, dissolve a pinch of salt in the sacred water. That is, it should be taken not in someone else’s house, but in your own home. Wipe the surface with salt solution of other people’s mirrors, which after that will be safe for you.

5. Mirror as a guardian

In Russia, the mirror was used as an amulet of witchcraft. He was imperceptibly fastened to the wrong side of his clothes, put in a pocket or bag. Women managed to wear it in folds of a scarf or weave in a hairdress.

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To be protected from evil eye, spoilage and any other magical effect, always carry a small mirror with you. At the same time, its front surface should be aimed at others. For example, if you carry a mirror in your purse, put it so that the reflective surface looks at those with whom you communicate. To do this, you can attach a mirror to the lining of the bag, making it a small pocket.

6. Do not sleep in front of a mirror

Evaluate how the mirror is located in your bedroom. If you are reflected in it during sleep, take urgent action. It is important that you can not see yourself while you are in bed. They say that it is undesirable to decorate the interior of a room reserved for sleep with mirrors. Even if they are on the ceiling or on the side, you still can not avoid a negative impact. For couples it promises betrayals, loss of mutual feelings and respect for each other. The rest of people this arrangement of mirrors can threaten bad health up to the development of diseases.

7. Mirror as a gift

Some people choose a beautiful mirror as a presentation, for example, a large mirror in a carved frame is often presented for housewarming. Men also often give their beloved graceful mirrors, because they are so fit for the image of beautiful women. But this is not recommended. It is believed that after such a gift, serious disagreements may arise between the donor and the addressee of the presentation. If you still gave a mirror, do not hang it in the house. Otherwise, there may be problems in the relationship between those who live in a dwelling.

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Of course, everyone has their own attitude to the signs. Someone hears the old predictions. And some consider superstitions as common prejudices. But if they can help improve their lives, protect themselves from various ills and anticipate fateful events, why not take advantage of this?

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