A Portable, Rechargeable Jump Starter To Keep In Your Car

“This is amazing! I never heard of it before but my dad has one. My car was totally dead. It had been sitting for three months and it started right up after using the Halo. I bought myself one and had to use it twice already. It’s good for three car charges before you have to recharge the Halo. I never jumped a car before and I was able to figure this out all by myself.” — kim philanthropichr

“I bought this to keep in my Corolla while traveling alone. I didn’t want to have to rely on strangers if I needed a jump, or to be stranded hours from home. I charged it and left it in the car. Even in cold Temps, it has held its charge over the past couple of months. I tried it for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised at how powerful it is. I was able to quickly and easily jump my husband’s work truck- a newer F250 truck with a 6.2 engine. Definitely worth the money, I’m impressed and will probably buy another for hubby as well!” — Jen

“This has come in handy so may times that I bought one for everyone in the house. Almost right after getting it, my daughter used it at school because her friends car needed a jump start. It is so worth the money. We have AAA, but why wait?!?!?!?! I’ll let them tow and fix a flat. I would recommend the Halo to anyone, and I have.” — Madeezdaddee

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