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A Second Chance

A Second Chance

It was…complicated. It was almost if I was in virtual reality, because I remember looking at a screen and trying to decide what to play. And when I chose the game, it was like I was sent into the game to play it. It was weird, but I was going about it as if I were a game. I thought I was playing a farming game, I started picking weeds and gathering seeds and wild roots and plants. When I came across this huge gouge in the earth, a big hole dug into the ground and in the ground was some sort of secret facility. It looked like a government building, but it was completely hidden off and secluded, and I was beginning to wonder if I am supposed to be here or see this, and when I got closer to the edge, I leaned against the railing and saw that these people were having a funeral for this man down there, and they were throwing these beautiful blue flowers on his coffin, and I felt bad.

Like the man just died! and I wanted to give him something too, and since I didn’t have any flowers, I just threw a carrot at his coffin. But I guess that was the wrong thing to do because these agents and guards around the facility came at me and grabbed me. And someone, with black sunglasses and a black pointy beard came up to me and said evilly, “Ooh, another test subject,” and I was too scared to say anything or fight back. They take me into the building and throw me into this weird looking cell. I could see this mirror and I knew it was one of those ridiculous mirrors you could see through on the other side, so I know that they’re watching me, but then a small hatch opened and a buttload of mice crawled in.

I couldn’t crawl away because I was in this tiny room where there was no where to go. The hatch closed and I was stuck in a room with a bunch of mice, and now, I’m not afraid of mice or rats or rodents at all. And as always in my dreams, I’m just chill about everything that happens. So I’m just chillin in the corner of this torture room, with mice crawling over me, and it was like they wanted to scare me, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t even a little bit thrown off by this, I was like,” ho hum what can you do? mice are crawling over me, like whatever,” Then someone spoke over the speakers and said that I had catch one of the mice and eat it, and I got kind of angry and picked up a mouse and chucked it at the speaker. I don’t know why, I was just pretty darn pissed at these people, like I tried to show a little respect to this dead guy, but apparently a carrot isn’t enough and now their trying to torture me with these rats.

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And someone over the intercom said,” you’re going to pay for that”, and I’m like, “Oh? what are you going to do? fill the room with butterflies? yeah REAL scary!” and I kept taunting these people and could hear in their voices they were starting to get really mad at me, and then the floor started to rise, and when I look around the room, the rats are gone, and it was like they weren’t even there to begin with, and suddenly the floor rises in a quick haste and I hit the ceiling really hard, then the screen goes red, and I see these words. YOU HAVE DIED. And then I see two panels I could pick. TRY AGAIN or QUIT. and it was like I was actually in a video game. I was about to press quit, but then I just… I just get this burning hatred filling inside me, and I told myself, “no, no. I’m not going to let these people treat me like this.” So now I’m on a mission.

To destroy. I press TRY AGAIN. and I spawn where I spawned before, but now I know where they are, what kind of people they are, and how to defeat them. So this is my second chance. To do something I should’ve done before. And so I sneak up to the hole in the ground, and I actually don’t know why I was sneaking because the whole idea of this mission was to teach them a lesson, and to let them know not to mess with me. So I go to the railing, that was blocking me from going in. And somehow, I was stronger, and I knew it. So to test out my strength, I grabbed the railing, and pulled it straight out of the ground, and the rest of the fence busted up. I snap it in half, I throw it farther than a normal human could throw.

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And I was really starting to enjoy my knew strength, and I don’t even know how I got it in the first place. But then someone from behind me, picked me up, and I started struggling, when I realized, “No, no this is what I want.” let them lock me up, let them try. And I’ll show them what I can really do. And right as they were about to throw me into the exact same room again, I break free from their grip and run down the halls, until I come upon this room that look like the kitchen. and then I hear the door behind me slam shut, and I when I turn around, I’m locked in, but this time, that weird lookin dude with the black sunglasses and the black beird was standing by the door. “You’re not going anywhere sweetheart,” and I’m like,”watch me,” He charged at me, but before he could get any closer I reach down to the floorboards and rip off a chunk of wood and swing at him.

He managed to duck to the blow, but he was as surprised as I was to see how strong I was. I didn’t waste any time, I went to the cupboards and started ripping them off the walls and throwing them. And the guy was getting all beat up and scraped, but he was more mad at me for trashing the place instead of hurting him. “Stop throwing the food, c’mon we just restocked this place!” and he was seriously more worried about the ‘expensive’ furniture being ruined than me hurting him. And I was starting to get pretty sick of this guy’s attitude, so I said,”Alright, you guys are annoying, I’m out.” and he said, “Oh no! you are not going ANYWHERE! you’re going to be sorry you did this,” and his anger just fueled my strength and I found him surprisingly funny.

“Hmm? how should I escape? maybe through the window?” and the man screams at me to stop as he runs in front of the window trying to block my path, but instead of jumping out the window myself, instead, I just pushed him out, breaking the glass and hearing him falling two stories to the ground. And I remember in my dreams, even I was surprised by my reflexes of just shoving him out the window. But still, the window wasn’t nearly broken enough for me to slip through it without cutting myself, so I grabbed this glass mug and I started hit the window, and it rained shards of glass over the guy on the ground, and when the broken mug shattered itself and fell to the earth, I grabbed another and continued the process to break this darn window.

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AND THIS DUDE! he was probably almost dead on the ground, but he was still yelling at me to stop breaking the stuff in the kitchen, like he WOULDN’T GIVE UP! I yell down to him,”Maybe you should be more worried about you broken BONES instead of your broken furniture!” and then I finally break the window, and the hole is enough for me to crawl out, and I look down and I see the guy is standing up, leaning against the building with his hands outstretched, as if I would take his hand. and he’s all like,” Here, help me up,” and I can’t even fathom of how stupid this guy must be, as if I’d help him crawl back into the building right after I purposely pushed him out. Buuuutt, I thought I’d play along, just for fun. 🙂 I’m like, “sure, dude, let me just get some rope or something to pull you up.” I turn around, rip the sink out of the ground, then dangle it out of the window.

The guy shouts,”Wait! that’s a sink-!” and I say,”I KNOW!” and then I drop it on him. I hear his scream then jump out the window, when I land on solid ground, I see his disfigured body laying next to me, but I still see him breathing. Honestly, how this guy is still alive is a mystery to me, but I think, Good. if he lives, he’ll be able to tell this story, and everyone will know to not mess with me. and then I hear this siren, and I know that they know I’m on the loose, so I hit dirt, and RUN. but while I’m running, I’m smiling to myself because I got a second chance to show these guys up and I personally think I couldn’t of done it better. (But now that I’m awake, I’m a little concerned for myself because this is some gruesome stuff that I did, and I’m not even a violent person in real life)

A Second Chance

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