A swim
73017 A swim

A swim

A swim

I’m in a group, I think it’s a survival thing. Me and two other guys are relaxing and swimming in a lake. I can’t make out the features of one, but the other has kind of a sour face. He looks like he’s tired. We’re floating peacefully when all of a sudden we hear rushing water. On the side of the lake, a small but powerful waterfall leads to a smaller stream and a large, flat rock in the middle of it, serving as the ground. The boys are sucked into it and pulled down. I manage to stay out of the grasp by letting it take me far enough to where I can reach one of the trees around the side. Instead of holding on with my hands, I’m using my legs to keep me balanced sideways against the trunk.

When I hear both of them cry out in pain, I force myself to get to the edge of the water. I’m almost thrown over too but I grab another branch last minute and pull myself onto the rocky bank beside it. I can see the rock and the stream clearly. The featureless boy is sitting on the rock, just at the edge. He looks like he’s catching his breath. The tired boy is floating in the stream. I think his clothing is caught on a branch, so he isn’t going anywhere, but he’s obviously injured. There’s blood running down the water.

I’m not sure how I make it down but the next thing I know I’m pulling him from the water onto the rock with the featureless boy. I’m terrified. The featureless boy doesn’t seem to have any major injuries, just a few scratches. The tired boy has deep cuts on his back and legs from being pulled against the rocks. It feels like my heart is being ripped from me, seeing him bloodied and unconscious. I pull him up into my lap as best as I can (he’s taller than me by a significant amount) and cradle him close, petting his hair and very gently running my hands over the cuts and bruises.

Somehow, this seems to be healing him. There isn’t blood on either of us, just water. I can hear the featureless boy taking in where we are and how to get out safely, but it’s drowned out by the sound of my own sobbing. The tired boy opens his eyes, offers a pained smile, and I wake up.

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