73011 A witch's house

A witch’s house

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Category: The world through the mirror
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A witch’s house

This is the first part of something I consider a full dream that got interrupted… It doesn’t make a lot of sense, honestly.

In the dream, I have some information prior to the actual scene that plays out.

1. I’m being kept like a pet by a witch

2. I’m some sort of mermaid, though my fin is split down the middle much like legs.

3. I’m not the only one trapped here.

4. We need to get out.

Following the plan, I’m laying on my back in the witch’s room, keeping her interested by telling a story about a movie I saw recently. I ask her to grab me something off the nightstand, when she obliges, I hit her over the head with a vase that was beside me, knocking her out. I get up and start running.

The others seem to know that I’m done. At one point, we realize we’re dressed in an odd way and that we wouldn’t make it far outside of the house, so we search desperately for some sort of closet with something better in it. The butler, who also dislikes the witch, points us to a huge warehouse-style room filled with different clothes. We emerge far too long later, changed and ready to run. We hear the witch waking up, so we book it to the front door.

I’m woken up by construction outside.

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