Alcohol Dream Meaning
79197 Alcohol Dream Meaning

Alcohol Dream Meaning

Alcohol Dream Meaning

Did you dream of drinking alcohol? If you drink alcohol in moderation, then it signifies success. To drink too much alcohol in your dream is a sign to be careful of getting into a difficult situation as this may require a rather embarrassing apology.

Alcohol consumption can affect how we tend to dream and the details of your dream can be a message from your subconscious mind. Alcohol has often been used to shape us culturally and through this dream interpretation – I attempt to situate what alcohol in your dream really means. The word “alcohol” is of Arabic descent. It is the cornerstone of many traditions and features in many religious rituals across the world. For this substance to be featured in your dream indicates you are going around in circles trying to come up with a solution. When you dream of alcohol you may need to make sure that the processes in your life are correct. It also shows that it is important to make sure you do not hide away your feelings. When alcohol shows up in your dream, it might demonstrate that you have a somewhat mundane existence at the moment, and you are trying to progress your life. Each drink can mean different things. Before I move onto your detailed dream interpretation – I just want to introduce myself. I am Flo and a forty-something psychic from Britain. I have detailed each possible alcohol dream below – and I have recently implemented Facebook comments so please leave me a message. Just scroll down to find your dream meaning.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of alcohol?

Alcohol does not nourish, but it pulls down; it does not strengthen but excites and exhausts, as every alcohol usage is necessarily followed by a period of depression, and this is inevitably unfavorable to you in the waking life. You must reflect on this as part of your dream. To have consumed alcohol in your dream shows that you have a creative streak that is lost at the moment. If you have children it is important to spend quality time with them. We have a heated generation of change, and it is important to make sure that children are taken into account, and that work or career follows, but it does not take over your life. Remember to think about what’s important to you in your life, stop trying to put up a smoke screen, sometimes you take life far too seriously.

To dream of whiskey, gin, vodka, rum (Bacardi) or other spirits generally means things are going to be content for some time. To see alcohol as a chemical in your dream is a good omen, especially in association with scientific experiments or research.

One of the signs of the times is the movement of alcohol in bars. If you dream that you are drinking in a bar it suggests happy times ahead. To drink white wine denotes a period of calm times. Consuming red wine warns about personal desires and pleasures, as they are likely to result in scandal. Drinking alcohol at a celebration suggests that you are feeling good about the decisions you have recently made, and you are counting on future success. Drinking excessively suggests that you may have negative feelings about yourself, and fear being discovered for what you really are. I also think that alcohol abuse is present in our dreams because of the statistics. The national institute of Alcohol abuse has reported in 2015 that they believe almost 10% of the USA population suffers from alcohol abuse and binge drinking seems to be the most popular form of abuse, and around 9.8 million men suffer from AUD which stands for alcohol use disorder and 5.8 million women. So that is a considerable amount of the population.

What is the 1930s meaning of dreaming of drink/alcohol?

Seeing is believing. More than that, it is often knowing and remembering. To dream of drinks (in a pub or on a bar) is of little value, compared with the observation of actually drinking the alcohol in your dream. The meaning here is that every opportunity should be taken of exhibiting the very best standards and to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. The analysis is so essential to the understanding of many people, that it is indispensable to the proper teaching of finding out what makes others tick. If others are drinking alcohol, and this is the main subject of your dream, you should be prepared work hard at a project. No failure should discourage the dreamer in establishing this mode of approach. To dream about serving alcohol could indicate that you are going to be content with the way things are. A dream where you drink in moderation implies that you are going to be successful in your endeavors. Seeing yourself drinking in a bar denotes there are happy times ahead of you.

What does drinking wine in a dream mean?

in the case you see yourself drinking white wine or champagne in your dream, then this means you should celebrate because it denotes that you are going to enjoy a sense of calmness in your life, the more sparkling wine the more “sparkle” will enter your life. There is little doubt that seeing alcohol in a dream can occur in many different forms. In the history of wine drinkers, it has been documented that the role of wine can, in fact, promote your health. At the same time, we normally see a warning on the bottle. Wine, in fact, both heats and moistens our bodies, and wine in excess can make the body cold. Research has shown that in some instances wine can obfuscate our own intellect. So, in dreams, red wine indicates a loss of intellect. Alternatively, depending on the circumstances in your dream, alcohol can represent that you have the potential to achieve much more than you are achieving at the moment and you need to promote your own interests and ideas. On the positive side of life, it could imply that you are enjoying yourself and just bumbling along looking for your next opportunity.

Can alcohol cause vivid dreams?

The answer is yes! There was some research at the laboratory of alcohol at St Elizabeth Hospital in the 1960s. This study looked at the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. Through the study, vivid dreams were reported, in fact, some of these dreams turned out to be hallucinations or nightmares. During this study, some of the subjects were alcoholics and when they stopped drinking they had some strange mental visions. So what does alcohol cause us to have such vivid dreams? In the first part of sleeping when we have had a few drinks our blood sugar will fall, which means we do not sleep “as deep” as we should. This will lead to a more disturbed sleep and implies that you will be more tired when you wake up. Heavy drinking can produce episodes of nightmares and cause anxiety dreams. The severity of the nightmares will depend on the amount of drink you have consumed. The actual drinking can result in a reduction of what we called REM sleep and therefore this reduction will lead to PSD which is known as primary sleep disorder.

Alcohol is what is known as being “diuretic” therefore, this means you urinate allot more than normal. Thus, this will lead to being rather dehydrated so you may dream of water. If you have downed that sneaky tequila last night and you are wondering what your dream of alcohol means it turns out that the dream psychologists just think you are dreaming of a transition moment, where the waking world merges with our dream world. Did you know that if you eat lots of sweets, there is a likelihood that you will have a dream that featured alcohol? To improve your health, it will be best if you avoid eating sweets. I know, easier said than done! Sometimes, if you have been drinking heavily and you manage to stagger and find your bed it is not uncommon to dream you are still drinking. Also, dreaming of a lover is often frequent when you have had a few drinks, especially as you do not sleep as deep.

What does it mean when you are drinking alcohol in the dream?

When you drink alcohol in your dream, it could be that you are having a little too much. In most cases, dreams are all about what we are not acknowledging in real life. Feeling drunk in your dream can mean that, you are intoxicated or you have a feeling of exhilaration. There has been scientific research on drinking and how this affects our mental state. Some research by the Global Drug Survey that looked at 30k people’s alcohol consumption that having a drink makes us more confident, relaxed, attractive and also content. In the same study, respondents also reported some negative traits such as being aggressive, tired and tearful. What I am trying to say here is that these feelings can be applied to your dream. Drinking the hard-core spirits in a dream can indicate that you are feeling rather confident in matters of the heart. This dream can also affect how you are feeling during normal waking hours. It can mean you are struggling to express yourself.

Remember, alcohol is responsible for mood alteration and when we have a heavy night on the town, it allows one to express their hidden nature. The dream enables you to face the truth about what you fail to realize in real life – and helps you to be your true self. Now, if alcohol is the main theme in your dream could imply that you have lost your own sensitivity and your subconscious mind is trying to make you see that you might need to be more relaxed in life. In older dream books seeing too much alcohol in your dream is a sign of gossip on the way, so take care after encountering this type of dream to avoid becoming a victim. If you are a person who doesn’t drink much alcohol in real life – and you have a dream about drinking alcohol spiritually – it can mean that you will need to focus on yourself for a while. As I mentioned before, if you drink alcohol, then a dream about alcohol is a normal occurrence. But if you keep on dreaming about alcohol then this can imply you need to think about how you relax in life.

What does it mean to dream of alcoholics anonymous?

Many people who have too much to drink often face depression and anxiety. To dream of alcoholics anonymous indicates that you come across somebody who is weak with or morally inadequate. We all know people who go to the bar after work -perhaps you have read about the movie star who has ended up being alcoholic. Sometimes we read about the housewife who cannot start the day without a drink. There is a social stigma about “over drinking.” In dreams, if you visited an alcoholic anonymous group this can indicate that you will have excessive problems with others in the near future. The good news is that you will be able to control this outcome. If your partner is a drunk in the dream it can indicate that a relationship will soon be challenged. If your partner drinks in real life then it is not uncommon to have this dream.

What does it mean to sell alcohol in your dream?

Alcohol consumption is on the rise and so too are bars. Obviously, as the number of bars increases in society so does the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can be bought in many different outlets such as stores, restraints’, bars and even gasoline stations. Selling alcohol in your dream indicates thinking about how to improve your life in many different contexts. The type of retail outlet where you sold the beer needs to be taken into consideration. In my experience, this dream is normally in relation to established rules and controls. The reason, because alcohol on average is normally regulated and there are generally formal regulations overproduction, wholesale distribution and finally retail of alcohol. It is not uncommon when you see yourself selling alcohol in a dream – there might be some moral rules that you are failing to follow. It could also simply be that you need to watch your diet and make sure you eat properly.

What does it mean to work in a bar in a dream?

Dreaming that you are selling alcohol in a bar in your dream can often indicate a situation that will surprise you. Or you are going to be surprised by an action which you will take in connection to work. If you sell a bottle of beer or wine to someone it can indicate that you are going to exhibit organizational and initiative skills shortly.

What does it mean if you are drinking beer in the dream?

Beer is one of America’s most favored drinks. With around six billion gallons consumed annually, so it’s no wonder you had a dream of a beer. There are only 1,440 breweries in the US but only four have about 95% of the market so the type of beer you dreamed of is probably from one of these breweries. For this dream meaning, I will divide the meaning into either: ales and lagers. Beer in studies boosts confidence and relaxes you. The bottom line is that beer is featured in dreams when you want to unwind in life. Sipping on a beer in a dream can indicate a heated argument in spiritual terms, this is due to the fact that beer needs to be fermented at a high temperature (56-77F) Larger drinking in a dream could also be a reflection of laziness or a desire to take time off from your normal duties. Ale drinking in a dream if often connected to how you approach matters in your career. If you see yourself pulling a pint of beer in your it means that you are experiencing excessive enjoyment or pleasure. You tend to devote all your efforts and time to a particular situation – ignoring everything else.

What is a spiritual meaning of alcohol?

I have touched on the meaning of the word in the opening paragraph, but I want to go into a little more detail here. Spiritually, the word alcohol comes from an Arabic word “al-Kuhl” that means “body eating spirit,” which has roots to the English word, ghoul. The definition of the word “ghoul” means an evil demon. In the middle east, a ghoul was said to eat human bodies or stealing corpses. Yes, I know not nice! In alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the soul essence from an entity, and this corresponds to the paganism use of alcohol to extract essences from essential oils. Another popular use of alcohol spiritually is to cleanse, as the alcohol is also used to sterilize medical equipment. When you drink alcohol, it extracts the essence from your soul and makes your body to be more vulnerable to other entities that are of low frequencies, and this is why some alcoholic drinks are called spirits. And this is the reason why, when you consume alcohol in large quantities, you will black out and not be able to remember what happened.

What is the spiritual meaning of blacking out due to alcohol?

I am going to give you an overview of the spiritual meaning of “blacking out.” I myself (in my youth) blacked out on wine and I always wondered spiritually why. After doing much research the reason why you black out is that the good soul is supposed to be inside your body — before consuming alcohol. After a few drinks, you may have polluted your body and it cannot stand the pollutants. Being unable to tolerate the drink it leaves you open spiritually, allowing a dark entity to take charge of your whole being. Remember that, our bodies are vehicles for spirits when one leaves, another one takes control of it. So, after drinking alcohol, your normal spirit leaves and a dark spirit takes over. And this is the reason why when one is drunk, they tend to experience a change of voice, have a yearning for harmful substances, get involved in sexual promiscuity, destroy property, and many other negative things. Of course, this is the spiritual reasons and I am not saying that these are true but they do give food for thought!

What does it mean to see yourself as an alcoholic in your dream?

Alcohol is one of the most widely used addictive drugs in the country, most people drink socially and do not suffer from being addicted. Liquor is widely available and we see it every day. If in your dream you cannot confine yourself to just social drinking and alcohol is abused in anyway it can indicate a challenge with being socially accepted in a waking situation. Seeing yourself as an alcoholic in your dream is a sign that you are going to have to admit to your weakness in front of people who will want an explanation of why things are the way they are, sometimes we turn to a drink when we feel somewhat stressed, and in dreams being an alcoholic indicates you need time to turn off and relax.

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