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What does it mean to dream of drinking red wine? Maybe you were sipping a nice glass of merlot, Gamay or even my favourite Cabernet Sauvignon. Dreaming about red wine denotes passion. Pouring yourself a glass of red wine in your dream could signify that, you are experiencing disorder in your personal life. If you become drunk because you have too many red wines, it means that you are going to meet a patron who is powerful and who will make you become rich and receive honors. Sometimes red wine when drunk in real life can affect our dreams. Drinking too much wine can prevent you from thinking in a clear way and our dreams on red wine can be somewhat vivid. Rose wine in a dream is connected to your own desires and symbolizes your wish for things to be easier in life.

What is the dream meaning of white wine?

If your go-to drink in the dream is a glass of champagne, chardonnay or my favorite prosecco then this can indicate that you will soften in a situation. To smell the aroma of white wine can suggest that you are not thinking clearly. In many cultures people enjoy wine and to see normal white wine in a dream is associated with a mirror to our soul. The traditional white wine can be regarded as the fact you have a desire to smooth things over in life. Dreaming of white wine can also highlight that you need to relax more. Dreaming of champagne or sparkling wine – can suggest that you will encounter a sparkling situation in the future. White wine indicates emotion and being “pure” in dreams. Pouring yourself a glass of white wine in the dream portends that you are going to have lasting relationships with people, which will, in turn, bring you understanding and happiness. Becoming drunk because you have drunk too much white wine means that, your efforts are going to make you achieve anything you desire in life.

What does it mean to dream of drinking wine alone?

A dream where you are drinking wine alone could indicate that you are going to be a recipient of negative news. To drink white wine with other people denotes that, you are going to experience quarrels and failures in your life, according to older dream dictionaries. As a symbol, white wine spiritually

What does it mean to dream of spilling wine on a tablecloth or floor?

We sometimes spill wine – and I thought I would cover this dream here because if you’re like me, then you have spilled wine at some point in your life. If your rug, carpet or sofa in a dream is covered in wine this can be a sign spiritually that there is a desire to not rock the boat in life. Especially at work! When you dream that you are spilling wine on a tablecloth, it denotes that, you are going to experience problems which will be as a result of personal improvidence and extravagance in the past. I read in an old dream book that after having such a dream, it will be best if you reviewed your expenditures to avoid exceeding revenues as a result of carelessness.

What does it mean to have an alcoholic hangover in your dream?

If your mouth is dry, head pounding from a hangover in a dream it is a sign you need to overcome a problem in life. Everyone has experienced a hangover in waking life. Dreaming that you have a hangover from alcohol means a negative habit or addiction, and this dream can also imply that you need to re-evaluate relationship with others and change for your good. We get a hangover because alcohol makes us urinate more and I have mentioned this before. If you have a hangover in real life it is not uncommon to dream of the actual hangover.

What does it mean to dream of whiskey?

Dreaming of whiskey is connected to something that you have been putting off that needs your attention. Whiskey is what is known as a grain alcohol that can come from either rye, wheat, barley or corn. Additionally, whiskey contains some rather strong antiseptic properties and untreated kernel corn. So, you are here wondering what this all has to do with your dream? Spiritually whiskey was connected to alchemy. If we turn to the self-proclaimed alchemist known as Zosimos he studied water, growth and also spirits along with another magician known as Anazilaus, in turn, they helped create the distillation process. In dreams, I can conclude that whiskey is a sign you need to focus on yourself and give attention to your own emotions more closely.

What does it mean to dream of drinking gin in a dream?

In layman’s language, gin is the same as vodka, but during distillation, juniper is added to gin, giving it a unique aroma and taste. If you have an appreciation for gin and it is your go-to then it is not uncommon to dream of this. In older dream books gin is connected to how you express emotion. As the drink of kings, gin is connected to being resilient. It can mean that people around you will eventually come to their senses and appreciate you more. Dreaming of drinking gin in older dream books indicates that actions may be dishonest or underhand and lead to a difficult time. If you are a man and you dream of gin, you are likely to meet your soul mate who will have excellent qualities and be able to create order and comfort in the home. This is quite an old-fashioned meaning! If you are a woman and you dream of gin in ancient dream books it denotes that you are going to experience numerous courtesies from men. Drinking gin in the company of others can mean that you are going to encounter a celebration which could be either an anniversary or a wedding. You will have a chance to socialize, go out and have fun as it is guaranteed after such a dream. Drinking a gin straight is a sign that you are likely going to make a rash decision. If you drink gin with a tonic, then it means that you are going to have an improvement in your affairs. Drinking gin in the company of animals in your dream is an indicator that you are going to meet old friends shortly.

What does it mean to see yourself overindulge in drinking?

If you get hammered in your dream then this is likely to symbolize your own tendency to judge others. If we turn to The National Institute of Alcohol and Abuse they believe that binge drinking is when we have more than five drinks in a few hours. Binge drinking in dreams suggests that something you have been putting off for while needs your attention. We all love to go out on the town sometimes or stay in with that bottle of wine. Seeing yourself binge drinking in a dream is an indicator that, you have a desire to transition your life or even at least to discover other strategies to adjust your life course. What has been preventing you from fulfilling your goals in life? If you went out binge drinking and had a weird dream then this could just be the alcohol itself and the dream meaning should not be taken literally!

What is the biblical meaning of alcohol?

Most Christianity religion believes that alcohol is a forbidden substance that should not be taken by those who profess the religion. It is considered wrong and sinful. In the bible, there are various verses which mention about alcohol. Alcohol is mentioned during the time of Abraham in Genesis 14 verse 18 where Melchizedek brought to Abraham bread and wine. The Hebrew word for wine is Yayin, which is found 130 times in the bible and it means fermented wine. If alcohol is taken in excess, it can make one drunk as in Genesis 9 verses 21 where Noah drunk too much Yayin and became drunk. Nabal in 1 Samuel 25 and verses 36; Lot in Genesis 19 verses 30 to 36.

In Deuteronomy 14 and verse 26, God told his people to enjoy Yayin during yearly festivals. The Leviticus priests were commanded by God to include it in the sacrifices as a portion and in Exodus 29 and verses 40, it was supposed to include a drink offering. From the above, there is a way that alcohol can be used in the wrong or right way, and the choice is yours. Fermented wine comprises alcohol content of between 10 and 14 percent. The high alcoholic drinks available today were not sold during biblical times. Today we have alcohol with a content of over 50 percent, which is made from a distilled grain-based mash or other sources. The dangers of this particular alcohol is that in some cases they cause alcoholism. In Psalms 104 and verse 15, the Bible says that God gave them wine to make men glad. In the new testament, oinos is the Greek word which is used to describe wine. John the Baptist didn’t take it because it was written and prophesized that he will not as written in Luke 1 and verse 15. Jesus did drink the Oinos as written in Luke 7 and verse 34 and Matthew 11 and verse 19. Jesus did drink wine in moderation. The first miracle Jesus did was to change water into wine – the Oinos.

Jesus has given a parable about the fermenting process of wine in Matthew 9 and verse 17 where the skin of animals was used instead of bottles and cans. Apostle Paul talked in Ephesians 5 verse 18 of the Ephesians stated that people should not get drunk with Oinos, and Oinos later instructed Timothy to drink a little wine for the stomach and his frequent illness. This is written in 1 Timothy 5 and verse 23. It means that a small quantity of wine can be a good thing – for the stomach.

Both the new and old testament have commands that prohibit the excessive drinking of alcohol which causes drunkenness which is the works of Galatians 5 and verse 21, it states that when you are undisciplined, you will become drunk, and that is why Jesus in Luke 21 and verses 34, He warns his disciples against getting drunk. Paul in 1 Corinthians 5 and verses 11 to 13 prohibits the Corinthians against associating with anybody who cannot control their drinking. 1 Corinthians 6 verses 9 to 10 talks of drunkenness not being able to enter the kingdom of God. In Timothy verse three, the Bible talks about those who should be ordained in the ministry of Jesus Christ – they should not be drunks. Isaiah 5 verses 22 criticizes those who are champions at mixing drinks. Proverbs 23 verses 20 to 21 says excessive drinkers are sinning. In Proverbs 20 and verse 1, it says that, if used improperly, wine becomes a deceiver and mocker. So, I know allot to take in but there are some key warnings from a biblical perspective. Try not to let drink control you I believe is the hidden message biblically.

What does it mean to dream of your child or baby drinking alcohol?

If we are worried about anything then to dream of a child or baby is drunk is what I call a reflective dream. Sometimes we can dream of certain people drunk. To dream that your baby or child consumed alcohol in is just a reflection of your own anxieties. Often, as parents we do worry, we try to do the right thing for our children. Drinking alcohol in dreams is also associated with social confidence or the fact that we are worried about what people think. To see your baby or child drunk after consuming alcohol can be a somewhat terrifying dream, especially as we have little control of the dream state. These dreams can sometimes arise when we forced focus on what we are missing in life. This could be family, friends or even a romantic partner. This dreams can trigger you to “think” about how you act with others. To dream of a son or daughter drinking alcohol or who appears to be drunk in the dream can indicate that you are struggling with the relationship. There may be worries and anxieties but remember as parents we worry all the time and this dream is just a reflection of your inner fears.

In your dream, you may have any of the following: Drunk alcohol. Served spirits such as whiskey, gin, vodka etc. Drunk too much alcohol. Used alcohol as a chemical. Drunk alcohol in a bar. Drunk white wine. Drunk red wine. Other people are drinking alcohol. Made alcohol. Positive changes are afoot if: You hid away your feelings while drinking the alcohol. Things were difficult in the dream. You were not sensitive to other people’s feelings, during your dream. Sources: “Do emotions related to alcohol consumption differ by alcohol type? An international cross-sectional survey of emotions associated with alcohol consumption and influence on drink choice in different settings” Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of alcohol: Enjoying. Worried. Content. Sad. Jolly. Happy. Grateful. Surprised. Happy. Having fun.

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