Alien dream meaning
79207 Alien dream meaning

Alien dream meaning

Alien dream meaning

Sharing the meaning of an alien dream lights up my heart. Maybe you have stumbled on my website looking for the spiritual or psychological dream meaning of aliens?

Hello there. My name is Flo and I am a psychic. I have spent the last two decades learning about dreams and what they mean spiritually. Firstly, this dream is common. It is featured in the top 100 dreams in the world. To see aliens in your dream is considered symbolic in nature and connected to a more supreme intelligence. From the very early times even before Christ there are two ideas in harmony and that belief is Adam and Eve created us. Essentially, to dream of aliens means that during your dream you believe in life outside the conventional and you need to find a hidden area of your personality. It can also mean you are acting “alien” in life.

What does it mean to dream of aliens?

First of all, this dream indicates that you have been neglecting yourself, and feeling alienated in life. The dream of aliens can include many different aspects. Yes, it might take you awhile to get your head around this dream but decoding every aspect will give you greater spiritual insight. Ok, let’s not delay and get straight to the point. There is something important you should know about this dream, it is connected to a part of your own hidden personality that is not yet discovered!

What does Carl Jung think about alien dreams?

Carl Jung, the famous dream psychologist provides us with a deeper understanding to the history of this dream, now, according to Carl Jung the alien is connected to our inner psyche. What does this mean? Basically, to dream of an alien is an association of hidden characteristics we are unaware of in life. It is my firm belief that the first step in understanding your dream is to uncover the hidden part of yourself! The only way you will understand what this means is to look inside. Start to get to know areas of yourself that you are not aware of.

In my youth aliens clouded my dreams regularly for many years. Looking back, it could have been because I was feeling of alienation, which was affecting my life back then. Ok, this is getting quite exciting! Now, if you are one of my regular readers you will know there are many ways in which symbols are featured in a dream. The alien symbol is associated with our own inner qualities. Perhaps you dreamt of life like aliens, or little green men from space, or your home is invaded, even more worrying that you were abducted by Aliens. There will be a couple of things in this dream meaning that will really catch your eye.

Writing this dream meaning I felt a sense of “déjà vu” except only this time was something different. I was learning that there is a true darkness to your dream. This is because we are still unsure of alien life. There is one thing that is important to note that seeing aliens in a dream from a mystical perspective suggests that you may have need to understand yourself better over the next few years.

What does it mean to dream of being an alien?

If you dream that you are the alien, it means you are feeling like a stranger in social gatherings and you would like to discover new friends. To see yourself as an androgen (a creature without a gender) was featured, then this represents a stage of development needed in your life. For more information on the dream meaning of an androgen, please click here.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream: You were abducted by more than one alien. You were taken into a locked room or basement. The dream involved you feeling unhappy. A weapon was used. You feel scared in your dream. Detailed dream meaning: Seen a UFO in the sky: to dream that you have seen a flying object, a UFO indicates that you are likely to suffer misfortune from the carelessness of others — this is a typical dream if you have experienced difficulties at work.

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Next are are some specific meanings based on details of your dream:

Dreaming of Alien probes

if in your dream you witnessed probes on small scale or beams of light then this demonstrates that new beginnings are afoot. It is time to relax and enjoy your life. There have been many accounts of the alien probe and how these have been seen in the sky. In fact, you only need to go over to youtube to see examples of these probes. Freud believed that a beam of light or a sharp symbol indicates sexual pleasure. Ok, you can draw your own conslusions!

Alien babies

if you have given birth or carried an alien baby in your dream suggests that you are confused about certain things in life. In a nutshell this dream means that you are clearly searching for something in your life and you are not sure what it is yet. Ok, an alien baby in your dream might be creepy and we all remember the film “aliens” when she gives birth to one. The alien in this sense represents your own inner voice and intuition. The spiritual message is to follow your heart!

Alien zombies

to be chased by alien zombies suggests that you need to face up to your responsibilities. There is an indication that you have been living in a fantasy world and it is time to connect to reality. If the alien zombies are being sick and chasing you, this means that you are shortly going to undergo a minor health issue. For the aliens to multiply indicates that people around you are soon to help you out.

Alien examination?

If you were being examined by an alien being, then this means that things in life are getting you down. If you experience any wounding or torture in your dream then this is connected to your ability to face up to difficult consequences in the future.

Alien transformation

to dream of being an alien yourself shows that you are likely to be harassed by people around you in the near future. It is important to try to grow friendships in advance to this happening.

Kidnapped by aliens

if you are taken by an alien (for example kidnapping) then this shows that you are likely to feel oppressed and overpowered by a family member in the future. If you are victimized in the dream then this shows that you are likely to find a project at work complex and hard to understand. If you are abducted by more than one alien indicates that you have dangerous enemies around you who are likely to destroy a significant part of your life in the future. It is important for you to recognize that there are people in your life that you need to be wary of before they are able to do you any damage.

Beheaded by aliens: to dream that you have been abducted and then you are beheaded generally indicates that you are going to suffer some minor failure in the near future. Yes, this dream can be rather worrying, maybe you woke up from such a nightmare. It can also indicate you need to keep a clear head in the face of worry! UFO shape: if in your dream you encountered a triangular shaped UFOs and even a motherships, then this demonstrates that there are people on a higher level than you who can provide advice.

Aliens attacking: if in your dream the aliens were attacking our world, or certain cities then this dream shows your resistance to change when needed. The “attacking” I believe is connected to feeling attacked in waking life. To see aliens taking over the world in the dream, or ending our world due to attack is often due to feeling a lack of confidence at work. Have you been worried about someone taking over your business or job? Ok, dreams of aliens attacking are common when work becomes less enjoyable.

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Raped by aliens: Yes, this dream can be rather worrying! to dream that you are abducted and raped indicates that you are likely to be shocked at the distress of your friends — difficult times are on the cards from them. In older dream books being raped was given the following meaning: If you are a young woman then you are likely to encounter some minor troubles in your love life. If the rapists are arrested then this is a positive omen.

Terrestrial surroundings: If you have some desires to make changes in your waking life then this dream shows that you are able to do so without fear of failure. To see the police in your dream indicates that you are going to successfully outstrip any rivalry in the future. If your abductors are arrested, this indicates that you are going to participate in some affair which is likely to provide you with financial benefit.

What does it mean to see an alien spaceship in a dream?

Did you dream of a spaceship landing? Or did you get taken away in a UFO? If you are taken to a UFO in your dream then you need to think about how you approach others in a work / team situation, as you can be quite expressive and you may offend people.

What does it mean to see friendly aliens in a dream? Friendly aliens in dreams can suggest you will Have a wide range of social events coming up shortly – a friendly alien in dreams signifies somebody in waking life who is going to offer you help and advice. Yes, out of all the alien dream interpretations this one is the most positive. If the alien appeared lifelike in the dream, or it was lucid or vivid in nature then seen a friendly alien can suggest that you are going to focus on socialising and relaxing in the near future.

What do alien abduction dreams really mean?

Obviously this dream is disturbing you for many reasons but it awakens the feeling of being exhausted and unable to deal with your events in life. Now, to see yourself taken by aliens in the dream indicates you are experiencing an area of your waking life where you are feeling abandoned or abducted by somebody or a situation. Most of the time this dream is connected to a work situation. If in your dream you have been abducted by aliens and it was a nightmare then this dream shows the need to put your fears at rest. It is vital that you look at the other meanings associated with this dream, such as your family (did you notice if you were alone during the abduction?) Generally we normally have this type of dream when we need to ask ourselves some important questions.

What does it mean to have a nightmare about aliens?

If the dream of aliens results in a nightmare as it generally indicates a crisis point of your life – where you seem to have no resolution. You need to analyze events that happened in your life recently as you feel that your spirit has been wounded.

What does it mean to have recurring dreams of alien invasion? So, you keep having these dreams? The message here is to start to look into situations which have resulted in you trying to overcome any conflict that you have experienced. The most useful change for you going forward is that you need to be able to be subjective in regards to your approach to situations with others. If you focus on looking at the practical matters in your waking life this will enable you to understand the background of complex situations, so you can find the best approach. If you witness other people being taken by aliens then an engagement or pleasurable event is likely to be cancelled.

What does it mean to speak to aliens in your dream?

Speaking to an alien in the dream world represents a solution to a problem. You may find yourself asking for help from someone close to you. Maybe you have been feeling that you have worked hard in order to get to where you are in life and that you are enjoying your projects and routine but you know that it is time to move on.

What does it mean to see fighting aliens in dreams?

This is not a positive dream and may also indicate minor misfortune. In some way, shape or form if you are seeing many aliens in conflict then this dream is about control. Something in your life is negatively affecting your subconscious mind. Yes, it is time to retreat and start to think about what you want going forward. Is that big fast car really something that inspires you or do you want to grow your circle of friends?

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Was you abducted by aliens in your dream?

The first and most obvious question upon wakening is: Was I really dreaming? Was I abducted by aliens? In order to deal with this. In order to uncover the best dream interpretation I have read many books about alien abduction. There is a key question we must ask ourselves: was your abduction real or a vocalized nightmare while you were sleeping? Of course, there is physical evidence out there confirms alien abductions, along with many famous stories about alien abduction notably Betty and Barney. This couple claimed they were abducted by aliens, they recorded a number of traumatic experiences.

Interestingly, they wanted their story to remain confidential however a few years after the alien abduction a reporter published an article on their encounter without consent. They wanted to try to live their lives as if the alien encounter never happened. This leads us to wonder whether they were in fact abducted. Why were they were so reluctant to go public with their alien abduction account? Over the last decade, there have been many people claiming to have been taken by aliens against their will. There are two types of alien abduction. One known as contactees and the other abductees.

Basically the difference between the two is that the abductees generally report traumatic events, being taken against their will and experiments carried out on their bodies and the contactees have a general nice time! After reading the story of Betty and Barney in the interrupted journey by John Fuller in 1996 I must admit I did not believe their story. The great thing about this book is that it also included skeptical arguments.

The events of this abduction were taken from hypnosis sessions by Dr Benjamin Simon. It seemed to me that the events experience by Betty were actually nightmare. Now, since this account there has been many others coming forward with different bizarre encounters with UFOs. We cannot ignore the physical evidence in this dream, as there seems to be some physical evidence such as shiny spots on the trunk of the car. Also Betty’s dress was ripped and her watch stopped and could not be restarted. After reading many books about UFO abduction in preparation for this article I do believe that we can no longer ignore the possibility of aliens.

Yes, this might all seem somewhat creepy. There have been many accounts of alien abductions and this is the most prevalent theory in regard to unexplained activities. Throughout history alien abduction has been a theme of horror stories since the nineteenth century. The most mysterious fact is that experience of the Greys; these are creatures whose supposed existence is connected to carrying out implants and procedures on human beings. It is true to conclude that there have been many people who have claimed to be implanted with tiny metal devices, which have been removed by surgeons, the origins of these implants have never been explained.

There are many movies, books and reports of abductions but what does this mean? Maybe you believe you have been abducted yourself? The Red Indian shamans (Black Elk of the Oglala Sioux) believed that aliens traveled to the world through a cosmic pillar, this was symbolized by a tree or natural energy. A spirit form such as a bird would then lead them to a tunnel into a rainbow where the shaman would undergo a series of painful body dismemberment.

What is the spiritual meaning of an alien dream?

The old shamans believed that UFO abductions were connected to parallel universes of other origins. Every one of us has undergone birth and the shamans thought that the trauma was the universal phenomenon and that no two births are the same. Please note: If your dream was vivid then it is extremely important to make sure that you write down every detail. In 1968 the author Erich von Däniken wrote the book called “the Chariots of the Gods.” he put forth a theory that aliens visited Earth to teach humans about technological advances and had an effect on religions.


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