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What are the signs of true alien abduction?

Ok, to look at this we need to review the history behind the traumatic experiences of being abducted. An abduction story of Betty Andreasson of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, USA can be associated to this theory. At 7 pm on 25th of January 1967, Betty was allegedly taken from her living room by more than one alien. The experience began with her witnessing a bright light in her kitchen; she was alone as her seven children, mother, and father were in the living room. The children began to become distressed as Betty went in the room to comfort them. Betty’s father ran into the kitchen to look out of the window, and found the source of the unusual light. To his disbelief and shock, he saw five aliens approaching the house.

The entire family was put into what they stated as a sense of “suspended animation”. It was recorded that the alien made telepathic communication with Betty. The alien was just five-feet tall, with the other aliens a foot shorter. All of the beings had a pear-shaped head, with wide eyes, and small ears and noses and mouths which were a slit. They were able to communicate telepathically. They floated Betty outside of the house to a craft and they proceeded to carry out an examination.

At the climax of this event she witnessed a huge bird that spoke to her, it said “I have decided to show you the world” and then it was consumed in flames. At this point you may be thinking that this is farfetched. To the right is a drawing that Betty did in connection to the aircraft. Betty and her daughter were given a character check, fourteen hours of regressive hypnosis, a psychiatric review, and two lie-detector tests. The results were documented in a 528 page account, which basically stated that both Betty and her daughter were sane people. This case is useful to cite at this point as it has been investigated extensively by urologists. The witness (Betty and her daughter) are reliable and provide us with some insight into true alien abduction signs for which is outlined as follows: List of alien abduction signs: (based on Betty Andreasson’s alien abduction)

  • Loss of Time: you have encountered a loss of time that cannot be accounted for. People forget the majority of their experience.
  • Return: you remember returning to earth but in a different location than you first thought. If you were sleeping then you wake up in a different area of your bedroom.
  • Body damage: you currently have or have had unusual scars, marks, designs, wounds. All of these cannot be explained or satisfactorily accounted for.
  • Recurring dreams of abduction: this is a dream that you have encountered before, you are experiencing complete helplessness and you feel you are at the mercy of these creatures.
  • Strange noises: you can remember hearing a noise while in your dreams such as wind or buzzing noises.
  • Unable to move when you are awake: you have experienced lucid dreams or nightmares in which you were unable to speak or move your legs or arms and simply had to lie there completely helpless while shadowy beings probed your mind and body.
  • Going to the toilet: finding it difficult to go to the toilet or sitting down.
  • Stiffness: feeling like you have a stiff back or body without an explanation.
  • Being watched: in waking life you had feelings of others watching you leading up to your dream.
  • Cylindrical room: being enclosed in a room with plastic chairs or given plastic tubes to put in your mouth.
  • Fluid: being in your mouth or body after you are awake.
  • Womb analogies: Seeing a transparent chair associated with womb examinations in your dream.
  • A headache: encountering headaches following the dream/abduction.
  • Vibrations: encountering any type of vibrations or feeling noises that are not natural.
  • The garden of delights: seeing a paradise or imagery of so-called nice places while being taken by the aliens. this is called womb experience which happens when medical tests are being conducted.
  • Floating: the sensations of floating while onboard the UFO.
  • Fear: Of it happening again on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Navel probe: the aliens put a probe in your navel. In Betty’s account the aliens said that they were awakening death and birth by putting a probe in her navel. This has been featured in other alleged alien abductions.
  • Bright lights and rooms: including mirror-like walls.
  • Birds or/and worms: Betty experienced seeing birds and worms in her abduction.
  • Hotness or Coldness: feeling a chill or shivering when you awake, or extensive heat.
  • The feelings towards the aliens: Though Betty was frightened; she felt a sense of calm and friendship toward the aliens.
  • Aliens wearing clothes: there was a logo of a bird on their blue coats. Their hands had three fingers, and they wore boots.
  • Aliens floating: the creatures did not walk like a human but instead floated above the surface.
  • Craft size: the UFO was estimated to be around 20 feet in diameter and in the classic round UFO design.
  • Blood: you have found blood in your bed sheets that is unexplained.
  • Eagle: to see a bird or eagle during your abduction.

Could a dream of aliens really be sleep paralysis?

Encountering sleep paralysis just before you wake up can often be mistaken with being taken by aliens. This occurs as part of the natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is often called REM Antonia. This state occurs when the brain awakes from REM but the body is still paralyzed. The result is that this leaves you fully conscious, but unable to move. Reports of this feeling lasting between two to three seconds to several minutes following the awakening experience. This results in panic. So what has this got to do with alien abduction?& In short while you are consciously going through this state your body could fling around during REM and cause vivid hallucinations. In concluding if you experienced sleep paralysis then it is important to understand that this is generally connected to you being unable to move. Did you feel afraid but not able to call for help?

Summary of dreaming of aliens

Having reviewed all the aspects that you may encounter in this dream above let’s summarise. This dream is associated with how you feel about others around you. The dream interpretation is useful because it is associated with something unnatural to what you are used to. There is a wealth of interpretations detailed above – depending upon the details of your dream. The dream can signify that a stage of your life needs completion and that you are feeling separated from society. In dreams a feeling can be determined to recognize if the experience is frightening or unknown.

This dream can also demonstrate some form of spiritual development or alternative wholeness or when an area of your life is complete. If you are abducted by aliens then in this dream shows that you are being taken over by a force against your will; therefore, the dream meaning is simply that – it is literal. Well, that is everything peeps. Thank you for visiting my website and don’t forget to bookmark me or go and get yourself a free tarot book. Blessings Flo x

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