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An engagement to forget

An engagement to forget

I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were sitting at some out door cafe. Out of no where he nonchalantly pulls out a box and slides it across the table; as if he were a bartender passing drinks! I open the box and it’s a beautiful huge engagement ring! He asks if I want to marry him and of course I say yes.

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This whole exchange was a normal as drinking a coffee or him handing me his phone from his pocket. I notice the ring is cheap. Huge and beautiful but not genuine diamonds. (Fine with me in the dream and in real life btw, just an important note). As the dream goes on, I realize sometime later that I had lost the ring! Poof! Gone! I believe we spent the rest of the dream looking for it!

Key themes were: engagement ring, cheap engagement ring, and losing the engagement ring.

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An engagement to forget

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