92622 An Ode to Salps: Our Gelatinous Marine Cousins

An Ode to Salps: Our Gelatinous Marine Cousins

Thanks to MBARI and Monterey Bay Aquarium for partnering with us on this episode of SciShow. All of the amazing deep-sea video you are about to see was taken with MBARI's remotely operated vehicles! Head to http://mbari.org to learn more about their mission and latest research. Salps are more than just strange balls of goo drifting through the sea—in fact, they’re more closely related to us than they are to jellyfish, and play a huge role in marine ecosystems and the global carbon cycle as the “vacuum cleaners of the ocean”! Hosted by: Hank Green Follow MBARI! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MBARI_News
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