Apple Could Upgrade New iPhone X to 4GB RAM
73158 Apple Could Upgrade New iPhone X to 4GB RAM

Apple Could Upgrade New iPhone X to 4GB RAM

In addition to new chips, upgraded cameras, and other small refinements, Apple’s 2018 iPhones could also get a welcome boost in the amount of memory being offered by the company.

Leaked benchmarks pointing to an unknown iPhone model suggest that at least one of the three Apple models launching this year would be upgraded to 4GB RAM, a first for the company in the 10-year history of its flagship product.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 come with just 3GB RAM, so upgrading the new generation to 4GB would be a welcome improvement given the rapidly-evolving hardware.

But on the other hand, do not expect all models to come with 4GB RAM. There’s a big chance that this upgrade would only be offered on the bigger iPhone X Plus, as Apple could use it as a way to entice more buyers to pick the larger model. On the other hand, Apple could also offer the RAM upgrade on the OLED models landing this year, instead keeping the LCD configuration with 3GB RAM.

iPhone X Plus

Increasing the amount of RAM bundled on the iPhone is a necessary step because of the new hardware that Apple’s devices feature. The camera, in particular, needs more processing power and more RAM to handle higher-resolution photos and make post-processing adjustments.

This, in turn, means Apple might have to introduce a series of other upgrades as well, including a bigger battery to handle all these high-performance tasks. The largest battery in the iPhone lineup at this point is the one of the iPhone X – 2716 mAh, while the iPhone 8 Plus features a 2691 mAh unit.

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Larger batteries require more room under the hood of phones, and this could indeed be an indication that the RAM upgrade would be a feature of the bigger iPhone X Plus equipped with a 6.5-inch OLED panel. The iPhone trio is projected to land in September, so more info should surface in the coming weeks and months.

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