83024 "Base" Porsche Taycan 4S Shines In Los Angeles

“Base” Porsche Taycan 4S Shines In Los Angeles

The example under the show lights is finished in a lovely color called Frozen Blue Metallic. Wearing options like 21-inch Taycan Exclusive Design Wheels with Carbon Fiber Aeroblades for $8,770, this particular Taycan would carry a pretty high sticker price. The wheels look great but if it was our money, we’d opt for the 21-inch Mission E Design Wheels available for a more reasonable $4,680.

Inside, the Taycan holds a major advantage over its chief competitor, the Tesla Model S. Whereas Tesla’s cabin feels somewhat spartan, the Taycan’s interior feels like it came from the future. The driver looks at a beautiful piece of curved glass, which houses the digital gauge cluster. All of the controls are housed on touchscreens and the passenger even gets their own screen to control various functions of the car. The cloth seats on this particular model felt remarkably upscale and are an impressive alternative to leather.

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