100862 Bentley Introduces Sixth Iteration Of Iconic Flying B Mascot

Bentley Introduces Sixth Iteration Of Iconic Flying B Mascot

The mascot is cast as a single piece of 316 grade stainless steel. With its austenitic crystalline structure, it not only looks good to the eye but is also strong and can withstand extremes of temperature while also resisting corrosion. Before pre-assembly, this mascot – just a small component in what is a 5,000-pound sedan – takes a lengthy 11 weeks to manufacture. To put that into perspective, Tesla’s Giga Texas factory builds around 17,600 Model Y crossovers in the same amount of time it takes to manufacture a single Bentley Flying B mascot.

The Flying B is hand-polished to a mirror finish, or a black gloss finish if you desire. Made using the investment (lost wax) casting process, this form of casting typically takes a long time but results in components with a better surface finish, thinner walls, and tighter tolerances than what can be achieved with sandblasting.

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