Big Changes Coming For The Mini Clubman
83539 Big Changes Coming For The Mini Clubman

Big Changes Coming For The Mini Clubman

Mini’s design team is working to improve the hatchback’s design “quite a lot. The footprint is most crucial with the hatch,” Heilmer said. “Size is less of a problem with the other models. I want each model to be the smallest in the segment, or visually the smallest.” However, Heilmer admitted that “small may not be helpful for sales,” which could result in a larger Clubman.

Some of the Mini’s most iconic design features could also be changed for the next-generation model. While the Mini’s iconic face will still be recognizable, the taillights “may not stay iconic” according to Heilmer. “We’ve got to be proactive, not reactive,” he said. The interior’s toggle switches are also being re-evaluated. “They’re good on the hatch, less so on the others perhaps,” Heilmer said, hinting that Mini’s future larger models may not have retro-inspired cabins.

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