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Big flood destroyed Target

Big flood destroyed Target

A big flood was going to happen in Swan Hill. Everyone was running around frantic. All the shop keepers were putting their stock on high ground.

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I was heading to Target because it is a second story building so it would be safer when the flood came, but Target was very old so there was a possibility that it could collapse from the water pressure.
I saw nan helping some shop keepers. I told her to come with me to safety but she insisted on helping the shop keepers first, so I told her to come later.
I then met up with dad. We were going to wait for nan on the street but then decided to wait for her on the roof of Target.

We, including nan, were all on the roof of Target.
The water was coming but I could not see it.
“What if we die?” Dad asked.
Suddenly there was a big bang and the Target building dropped a few inches. Gigantic cracks riddled the roof in which we were standing.
“This is it, Cassie,” Nan said.
Target then collapsed backward with us following it.

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Big flood destroyed Target

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