BMW Dealers Aren’t Sure How To Sell Electric Cars
96532 BMW Dealers Aren't Sure How To Sell Electric Cars

BMW Dealers Aren’t Sure How To Sell Electric Cars

He’s not wrong. The range continues to increase, and charging times are dropping. Various manufacturers are offering free charging, and the White House recently announced that it plans to spend $7.5 billion on EV charging stations. In short, the cars and the infrastructure are moving forward at a rapid pace.

Tom Moloughney, a senior editor at Inside EVs, was also present at the discussion. “One of the impediments to mass electrification is the fact that dealers are not as informed as they should be,” said Moloughney.

The interest is certainly there. Ford F-150 Lightning reservation figures are off the charts, and BMW’s iX and i4 are selling out rapidly. Yet actual EV sales are less than 2% of the total market.

“Selling an electric car can take three to four times as long as selling an internal combustion vehicle,” Moloughney says. “Salespeople don’t hate electric cars, it’s just that they’re there to make money.” By that logic, they punt the car that will sell the quickest.

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