BMW M’s ‘Birthday Surprise’ Could Be The Return Of The CSL
95051 BMW M's 'Birthday Surprise' Could Be The Return Of The CSL

BMW M’s ‘Birthday Surprise’ Could Be The Return Of The CSL

Responding to South African publication, Franke said, “There seems to be room for giving customers kind of half of that feeling for road-legal cars.” Now before you get upset and think that this means nothing, Martin Schleypen, spokesperson for BMW M, elaborated further: “Next year, in 2022, BMW M turns fifty years old. And maybe there will be one or the other birthday present we will give to you or ourselves.” Of course, this could also mean that BMW could do no more than unveil a one-of-one CSL concept, but the incessant questioning in this line surely proves to the bean-counters at BMW M that a CSL would be more than well-received. In fact, considering how long it’s taken for BMW to possibly revive the moniker, the car would certainly become an instant classic.

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