BMW’s Smart Strategy Could Change Everything
95281 BMW's Smart Strategy Could Change Everything

BMW’s Smart Strategy Could Change Everything

Former BMW CEO Harald Krueger lost his job over the matter and his successor, Oliver Zipse, is taking no prisoners regarding the German automaker’s full-scale push into electric vehicles. Krueger faced criticism for not being more aggressive in developing BMW’s i-branded models, falling behind rivals such as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. The just-revealed BMW i4 and iX are proof Zipse understands what needs to be done.

He told Reuters, however, that the perception BMW is behind on electrification is false and could, in fact, get its stock price to compete with Tesla’s. “There is a perception that we took a break, but we actually didn’t take a break,” Zipse said. “We waited for the moment when electromobility is really getting into higher volumes.”

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