83984 Bollinger Is Taking Serious Measures To Protect Its Tech

Bollinger Is Taking Serious Measures To Protect Its Tech

“Our team has created a vehicle that’s engineered and packaged unlike anything ever built,” said CEO Robert Bollinger in an interview with Forbes. “Filing this patent will help protect that hard work, and help showcase the outstanding engineering capabilities of our company.”

Bollinger believes the innovative design, capabilities, and features of the B1 and B2 are “highly differentiated from any other volume production vehicle”. For example, large components including the motors, inverters, gearboxes, and chargers are arranged centrally and symmetrically to improve the electric off-roader’s center of gravity. The patent also protects the vehicle-controls strategy and software used to adjust ride height, vary the payload responses, allow for virtual front and rear differential, and control various modes of operations, including outboard power usage.

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