What do dreams about railroad crossing mean? * May represent taking a break to allow your energy to flow naturally. * May represent one part of your life feeling more important that another at this time. * May represent a dangerous point in your life or in a project. * May symbolize needing to be patient and wait. * May suggest precaution before going further. Questions

What do dreams about rabbit mean? * May symbolize abundance. * May symbolize fertility. * May symbolize sexual activity. * May symbolize your own animal energy. * May represent memories of Easter, or plans for Easter. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Pull a rabbit out of your hat. (Surprise others with your skill.)

What do dreams about R mean? * May symbolize feeling a need for some Rest and Relaxation. * May represent someone whose name starts with the letter R. * May represent something that starts with the letter R. * May symbolize the number 18. * May symbolize when you were 18 years old.

What do dreams about quilt mean? * May symbolize the many parts of your psyche and life that have been pieced together to provide protection for your body and soul. * May represent family or community. * May represent history or heritage. * May symbolize covering up parts of yourself and hiding them from self or others. * May represent completion by piecing elements

What do dreams about question mean? * May symbolize feelings of doubt. * May represent getting in touch with your true self. * May symbolize education. * May symbolize questing for higher knowledge or spiritual enlightenment. * May symbolize feeling curious. Questions to ask yourself: * What is the question?

What do dreams about queen mean? * May represent achieving a high rank. * May represent feeling free and capable to move in any direction. * May symbolize empowered feminine energy. * May symbolize a mother, or grandmother (matriarch). * May represent your internal leadership. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Drama queen. (Someone who overacts or overreacts

What do dreams about quarrel mean? * May represent an inner conflict. * May represent quarreling with someone in waking life. * May symbolize unmet needs. * May represent witnessing a quarrel in waking life. Questions to ask yourself: * What are my unmet needs? * Who is involved in the quarrel? * How does the quarrel make me feel? * What is the quarrel about?

What do dreams about Q mean? * May symbolize something that starts with the letter Q. * May represent someone whose name starts with Q. * May symbolize the number 17. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * May be a pun on “cue.” * May be a pun on “queue.” * May be a pun on “cute.”

What do dreams about puzzle mean? * May represent something that you are not understanding yet in waking life. * May represent a mystery to be solved. * May symbolize a challenge. * May symbolize thinking intellectually. * May symbolize the brain. * May symbolize a question to be asked or answered. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Puzzle over something. (Consider

What do dreams about public mean? * May represent a fear of being in public. * May represent stage fright. * May symbolize a desire to feel connected with more people in the world. * May symbolize a social or political movement. * May symbolize a time in your life when you were in a familiar location. * May represent feeling exposed. * May symbolize openly revealing