Zebra To see a zebra in your dream, represents perfect balance, unity, harmony, and the attraction of opposites. Alternatively, it signifies that you are spending too much time in trivial and varying matters . Zenith To dream of staring up into the zenith, symbolizes your potential. You are pushing your limits and overcoming obstacles in pursuit of your goals. Zephyr To

Y To see the letter Y in your dream, indicates some decisions that you need to make. It may represent a fork in the road or path you need to choose. Yacht To see a yacht in your dream, symbolizes wealth, pleasure, and luxury. You are worry-free and pursuing a life of ease. It may also indicate your desire to devote more time to recreational pursuits. Yak To see a yak

X To dream of a treasure map marked a big X , indicates that your goals are in sight and you will soon be rewarded. X-Ray To dream that you are being x-rayed, denotes that you are being deceived by a person or situation. It is time for you to look beneath the surface of this person or situation. Xylophone To dream of seeing a xylophone, foretells you will achieve your

Wall To dream of a wall obstructing your path, denotes you will fall for ill-favored influences and lose your hold. War A situation of war in a dream indicates a clash of unconscious elements of the dreamer’s personality or problems from the past which have not been overcome. Washing To dream of washing yourself implies that you take pride in the number of connections

Valley To find yourself in a green valley foretells improvements in business and happiness in love life. If the valley is barren then illness and vexations follow. Vampire Vampires and bats in a dream should be seen as spiritual matters which have not been resolved, but suppressed in the unconscious. Vegetables To dream of vegetables means strange luck. You shall be

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) If UFOs appear in a dream, they can refer to presentiments or to intuitive, creative thoughts. Journeys in UFOs or spaceships where the dreamer leaves the earth should, in contrast, be seen as warning signals. Images like this signify dangerous alienation from the realities of life. Umbrella When the dreamer dreams of himself seeking

Table To dream of a table ready for a meal means happy unions and prosperous conditions. To see empty tables signifies poverty. Tank To dream of a tank, denotes that you will soon hear news of the sickness of your relatives. Tears To dream that you are in tears, deotes that some affliction shall soon befall you. Teeth Dreams of teeth are generally assumed to have sexual

Saber Like all cutting or pointed weapons, the saber can have erotic significance. This is particularly the case in the dreams of younger people. Sacrifice Its significance in a dream is similar to that in almost all religious myths and fairytales.It contains the idea that supreme values can only be acquired by a sacrifice. This image can also indicate that incorrect

Race To dream about yourself being in a race indicates that others shall also aspire to possess what you have been working for and that you shall overcome thier competition. Railway Station The dream symbol of a station always indicates an alteration in the dreamer’s spiritual situation in life. The station represents an impersonal, more or less fateful place. Rain To

Quarrel If you are quarreling or arguing in your dream you may be recently experiencing some inner conflict. The quarrel may reflect your own inability to resolve important issues, ideas, or values. You may be experiencing ongoing difficulty with making decisions, cannot accept authority, or you may have carried an argument from your daily life into your dream. Quantity A