What do dreams about living room mean? * May represent feeling the need for more room in your life. * May represent how much room you feel you have in your life right now. * May represent the part of your psyche where everything closest to you is “living.” * May suggest dealing with an issue or memory that took place in a living room in waking life. Possible

What do dreams about field mean? * May represent the state of your emotions. * May represent game-playing. * May represent your area of livelihood and expertise. * May represent an area of activity or interest. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Take the field. (Start an activity, such as an athletic game.) * Out of left field. (To come from an unexpected place.) *

What do dreams about father mean? * May represent your father or a father figure in your life. * May symbolize authority. * May represent the part of you that takes care of others. * May represent the ‘father’ aspect of yourself. * May represent protection or wisdom. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Father knows best. (You can trust or learn from

What do dreams about fast food mean? * May symbolize neglecting your physical or emotional needs. * May suggest a warning about your diet. * May suggest a warning to slow down and take care of yourself.

What do dreams about family room mean? * May represent the place inside that holds feelings about your family. * May suggest feeling the need to make more room for family, or time with family. * May represent memories that took place in a family room. * May suggest a desire to create or decorate a family room in a certain way. Questions to ask yourself: * How much room

What do dreams about falling mean? Falling dreams are quite common and can be linked to anything that is subject to falling or going up and down — finances, stocks, status, relationships, expectations, etc. Your perspective, view, or outlook of something may have fallen or is not living up to what you thought it might be. May indicate you are taking risky chances

What do dreams about fair mean? * May represent justice or judgment. * May represent a festival or celebration. * May represent someone with a fair (light) complexion. * May suggest you feel something is or isn’t fair. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * A fair weather friend. (A friend that is only there in good times.) * Play fair. (Play by the rules.) *

What do dreams about faceless person mean? * May suggest searching for identity. * May suggest there’s something you can’t ‘see’ as clearly as you would like. * May suggest feeling unsure about how to present yourself to the world. * May suggest not feeling as if you know how others perceive you. * May suggest feeling unsure of how to ‘read’

What do dreams about social media mean? * May represent your social interactions and circle of friends. * May represent your social and/or professional networks. * May suggest detachment and boundary setting. * May suggest you are revealing too much to others. * May suggest wanting to increase or decrease your circle of friends.

What do dreams about F mean? * The letter F may represent judging or grading of someone or something as failing, or unacceptable. * May represent someone whose name starts with an “F.” * May represent something that begins with the letter “F.” Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * “F you” (an expletive). Questions to ask yourself: *