What do dreams about eggs mean? Eggs in a dream have many possible meanings. What your egg dream means will depend upon your personal associations to eggs. In addition, you should consider what type of egg it is, where it is, and whether it is fresh or cooked. See also: Is Free Carpet Installation Such a Good Deal? At its most basic an egg may represent fertility, since

What do dreams about feces mean? Feces, you have to deal with it every day as part of a natural process. Elimination of the bad and unneeded portions of what you take in and digest is critical to your health. In dreams, feces can metaphorically symbolize this same process as you process and purge the negative and unnecessary emotions, such as anger and jealousy. Feces

What do dreams about cats mean? Cats in a dream may represent different things and will depend on your associations to cats in waking life. The type of cat, where it is and what it is doing should also be considered. Cats can represent femininity, feminine sexuality, intuition, magic, stealth, indifference, flexibility, independence, cleanliness, curiosity and aloofness.

What do dreams about spiders mean? Spiders in a dream may represent different things and will depend on how you feel about spiders. Spider dreams can be either negative or positive in nature. Often a spider is associated with the aspects of feminine energy and therefore may represent a woman in your life. This will likely be a strong, overbearing mother or another powerful

What do dreams about eyes mean? Dreams about eyes may be referring to your sense of sight, your perception of the world around you or your insight, May be a pun on “I” and may be telling you that you need to look closer into or at yourself. May be a pun on the word “aye” giving you the go ahead, approval or agreement of something. Dreams about Your Eyes To

What do dreams about work mean? Since we spend 40 or more hours a week at our jobs, it shouldn’t be surprising to dream of work, your boss and/or your coworkers. Dreams of work may be referring to your job or be job related. It may be a result of being overworked or being anxious about a work related project a goal. It may be indicating that you have to work harder

What do dreams about elevator mean? Elevators and escalators go up and down and so they may represent anything in waking life that rises and falls or goes up and down – finances, emotions, promotions, etc. In general, the up and down motion of the elevator may represent the ups and downs of your life; or it may symbolize the emotions and thoughts emerging out

What do dreams about grandparents mean? Your grandparents in a dream may represent love, protection, wisdom, family values and tradition. Your grandmother may be the archetypal Wise Old Woman and your grandfather may be the archetypal Wise Old Man. A dream of your grandmother and/or your grandfather may represent unconditional love and acceptance. Consider the qualities

What do dreams about cancer mean? In waking life cancer’s negative cells grow and eat away at the good cells in your body. In dreams, it can be a metaphor for some kind of negativity that is eating away at you. It may be your negative thoughts or behavior or it may be a negative or toxic person or relationship that is eating away at your happiness and your life. Where

What do dreams about Glass mean? Dreams about glass may mean many different things depending upon where the glass is and what object is made of glass. May represent protection like invisible walls erected around you to protect yourself from being hurt by others. May symbolize being fragile, easily hurt or breakable. The thickness of the glass may be an indication of