What do dreams about head mean? * May be symbolic of knowledge and wisdom. * May represent the tip of the phallus or a sexual act. * May represent mental activity or thoughts. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * The head of the class. * Giving head. (A sexual act.) * A big head. (Ego.) * Head over heels. (In love.) * Ahead. * Cool-headed or hot-headed. * A head

What do dreams about hat mean? * May represent covering up or concealing your thoughts. * May suggest a hat that you have or want in waking life. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * With hat in hand. (With humility.) * Talking through your hat. (Talking as if you know a lot about something that you don’t.) * Hang your hat on something. (Depend on or believe

What do dreams about happy mean? * May represent your current state of emotions in waking life. * May suggest trying to compensate (balance) negative emotions in waking life.

What do dreams about hallway mean? * A hall or hallway are transitional spaces leading into and between room and so may suggest that you are in transitional phase in life; you may be facing a life changing opportunity or decision. * The length of the hall may signify how long it will take before you complete the transition. * Consider where the hall is leading for additional

What do dreams about hairpiece mean? * May represent peace of mind. * May represent something you are covering up from yourself and /or others. * May symbolize dealing with a loss of someone or something in a temporary way. * May represent a fear of having your thoughts exposed.

What do dreams about hair mean? Hair, since it grows out of your head, may represent other things that come from your head, such as your thoughts or way of thinking. Length of Hair If your hair longer than usual, you may be (or should be) thinking long and hard about a problem. If it is shorter than usual, you may not be thinking enough about a problem. Fixing Hair If

What do dreams about guts mean? * May represent the health of your intestines or digestive tract. * May represent courage and fearlessness. * May represent sharing too much. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Gut instincts or gut feeling. (An intuitive feeling or response.) * Spill your guts. (Confess; excessively reveal.) * Go with your gut. (Trust your instincts

What do dreams about gun mean? Dreaming of a gun may represent fear, anger or aggression; or may be a symbol of power or control; may also suggest that you feel you need to protect or defend yourself. Other Interpretations of gun dreams A gun may be a phallic symbol. Firing it may symbolize ejaculation. If it misfires, it may symbolize impotence or feeling powerless. Dreaming

What do dreams about ground mean? * May represent your foundation and support system. * May suggest feeling connected to the earth /Earth. * May represent the boundary between your conscious and subconscious mind. * May suggest you are getting closer to confronting and acknowledging your subconscious thoughts and feelings. * May suggest feeling restricted in some aspects

What do dreams about groceries mean? * May represent some emotional or physical need is currently lacking in your life and you are taking care of that need. * May suggest items to add, or subtract from your diet. * May represent recent shopping you did. * May suggest you are preparing to go shopping soon, and thinking about what you want. * May suggest you have choices