What do dreams about green mean? * May represent healing and prosperity. * May represent feeling new or inexperienced at something. * May represent feeling nausea. * May symbolize envy and jealousy. * May represent an approval to go ahead. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * The color of the (fourth) Heart Chakra which is connected to the thymus gland (immune

What do dreams about GPS mean? * May indicate having the tools and resources you need to get you where you want to go. * May suggest looking for guidance or direction in life. * May suggest traveling on a path or journey of self-discovery. * May represent searching for your life goal or searching for your life path. Questions to ask yourself: * Am I using the GPS? *

What do dreams about golf mean? * May represent your “drive” or ambitions. * May represent your “links” or connections to others. * May represent the “course” you are taking. * May represent “putting” around or putting things off.

What do dreams about gold mean? Dreaming of gold may symbolize financial wealth and physical valuables; or may symbolize greed and temptation. A dream about gold may symbolize your inner values and all that you treasure or value in your life. May be reminding you of inner resources that you are not using or you are underappreciating. May symbolize spirituality, illumination

What do dreams about goat mean? * May represent feeling like a ‘scapegoat.’ * May represent nurturing. * May represent creativity. * May represent peacefulness, harmony, and working well with others. * May represent your own animal energy. * May represent feeling gullible. * May represent feeling indiscriminate and non-judgmental. * May represent a lecherous

What do dreams about glue mean? * May represent a desire to bond with someone. * May symbolize a sticky situation. * May symbolize getting stuck with or to someone or something.

What do dreams about girdle mean? * May represent sexuality or sensuality. * May represent restraint of sexuality. * May symbolize feminine oppression. * May symbolize feelings of insecurity about weight. * May represent restraint of emotions.

What do dreams about gate mean? * May represent an entrance or exit to another place, new circumstance or alternate state of consciousness. * May symbolize a transition. * If guarded, may suggest an unconscious censor may be at work. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Crash the gate. (Enter without being invited.) Questions to ask yourself: * What is on the

What do dreams about garden mean? * A garden in full bloom may represent a healthy psyche and growth of the soul. * May symbolize growing food and nourishment for all the parts of yourself. * A sparse or weed infested garden may suggest an issue needs to be tended to. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * I never promised you a rose garden. (I never made promises

What do dreams about garbage mean? * May represent discarding or getting rid of bad habits. * May symbolize unpleasant stuff you have to deal with. * May symbolize negative stuff from the past. * May represent wasting something. * May represent throwing away of old ways of thinking. * May represent ending something and preparing for something new. * May represent rejected