Age Dream Meaning Age can crop up many times in a dream. Many of you have contacted me specifically about how age has featured in your dreams. I am here to help you! To dream you are a specific age can have a deep meaning. Seeing yourself old in a dream? Dream of being younger? Dream of a specific age in a dream. I am going to cover all these possibilities. I remember

Agate In Dreams Agate is connected to the strength within. It is used specifically used to overcome nightmares. Many people put agate under their pillow during the night. Superstitions say that this will protect you at night. So pop this stone under your pillow for a great nights sleep. What a lovely stone you could see in your dream. So your here to uncover why you

Afternoon Dream Meaning I am going to cover two things here. Firstly, having a dream during the afternoon and secondly dreaming the time is in the afternoon. There was a study by Levitan and he compared morning and afternoon naps with 22 lucid dreamers. The afternoon nap participants went to bed for approximately 90 minutes to understand the effect on their dreams. The

Afterlife Dream Meaning So you had a dream of the afterlife? I know, it can be rather surreal. Especially if someone passed away in real life recently. In fact, these types of dreams are rather common if you have lost a loved one. But you’re left waking up in the morning wondering what it was all about then read on. You are in the right place. The afterlife is

Dream of being afraid Are you afraid in your dream? What does being afraid mean in your dream? To dream that you are afraid indicates you are feeling anger in waking life. This could be due to a lack of control over a situation. To dream of being afraid according to Carl Jung indicates that you have feelings of being sexually attracted to someone. Emotions in dreams

Affairs in dreams Oh no… the dreaded dream of an affair! Freud stated that to dream of cheating means you are feeling vulnerable in a relationship that is close to you. I will firstly tell you one thing that is very important. Don’t be too alarmed at the nature of this dream. Normally, the meaning is the opposite, and your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend

Plane Crash Dream An airplane crash symbolizes a negative part of one’s life’s journey. We use planes to travel to places that are far away, typically, the airplane is symbolic of an event, individuals, or emotions that are either in the past or are physically apart from you. The terrible dream of an airplane crash can be connected to your own inner anxieties.

Aeroplane Dream Meaning If you dream of an aircraft crash then this is associated with new changes, you may need to face an unforeseen problem before things turn positive. Be tolerant when defusing conflict or future ambitions will become lost. If you have a fear of flying then this dream can relate to anxiety towards a future flight. Dreams of seeing a failure with

Advocate Dream Meaning Oh wow… what a dream. A dream that involves an advocate can indicate that you are in a tough situation in real life. I am going to define what this is first of all! An advocate is generally somebody who is connected to the law legal systems an advocate could be somebody such as a barrister, solicitor or lawyer. To dream of yourself being

Advice in dreams Giving or receiving advice in your dream is often connected to making a stand in waking life. Perhaps you were talking to an authority figure? ​​​​​​What does it mean to dream of advice? When we sleep we are generally well rested and at times we sometimes sleep about advice either giving or receiving. In our dreams, we can also sometimes