What do dreams about decisions mean? * May suggest an answer to a decision to be made in waking life. * May represent internal conflict about a choice. * May suggest reconsidering a decision you made. * May represent feeling overwhelmed by many choices or options. * May suggest new choices that you were not aware of before. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: *

What do dreams about beard mean? * May suggest that you are trying to mask or conceal some aspect of yourself. * A long or white beard may symbolize age and wisdom. * May symbolize a masculine aspect of your personality is emerging. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Beard the lion in his den. (To confront someone where they live or work.)

What do dreams about bear mean? * May represent a basic trait or instinct such as strength or hibernation. * May represent a large, clumsy, or ill-mannered person. * May symbolize finances or the stock market. * May represent feelings you associate with a bear, such as anger and aggression, or cute loving cuddliness. * May represent your own animal energy. Possible puns,

What do dreams about beam mean? * May represent support. * May represent shedding light on the situation (if a beam of light). * May represent balance. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * “Beam me up, Scotty!” (Get me out of here.) * To be on beam. (To be correct.) * To be off beam. (To be wrong.)

What do dreams about beak mean? * May symbolize pecking around in someone’s business. * May represent your nose or mouth. * May represent a “bill.” Questions to ask yourself: * What kind of bird is the beak connected to?

What do dreams about beads mean? * May symbolize counting, as in counting your blessings. * May symbolize the connectedness of individuals within a community. * May represent the Rosary. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * To draw a bead on someone. (To take aim, as in a target.) * May suggest stringing someone along.

What do dreams about beach house mean? * May suggest confronting or facing your emotions, or something in your unconscious. * May represent the physical body and feelings about motherhood. * May suggest feelings about desiring a vacation. * May symbolize a safe, peaceful place to find inner calm.

What do dreams about money mean? In general, money in dreams may represent your finances, your self-worth, your personal values or your security. Paper money or bills May be a reminder that you have a bill that is due or needs to be paid. May represent someone with the name of the person depicted on the bill. May represent someone named Bill. Coins May be a metaphor

What do dreams about Monday mean? * May represent feelings about a new project or task. * May suggest a reminder of something coming up next Monday. * May represent something that happened on a Monday.

What do dreams about mission mean? * May represent a goal or job that you feel needs completion. * May suggest writing a mission statement for a project you are working on. * May represent your life’s purpose.