Panda featured in a dream Well what an odd dream one would say! A panda eating bamboo! This dream is considerably rare. In order to dissect the dream meaning, we need to look at the symbolism. The panda bear itself is probably one of the most admired animals, especially as they are now endangered. We all love the fluffiness of the panda bear and we could give it “a

Heavy bag dream meaning Perhaps you had a dream about carrying a heavy bag and you are wondering what on earth it means! I have experienced many different vivid dreams regarding bags. This has been in relation to bags of dropped alternatively dragging a bag on the floor because it is far too heavy. Some people do not remember their dreams, however other people dream

A case in a dream Oh bags and cases in dreams, let me tell you what it means. So, you are wondering what this strange case was and why this appeared in your dream? If you dream of a case instead of a bag, it implies that your emotional baggage from the past affects your present, but if handled well, it won’t affect your future. Yes we know that a case is a bag with

Vegetables dream meaning Seeing vegetables in your dream is a sign of bad luck according to old dream dictionaries. So you could see vegetables in your dream? Thought you would look up the meaning. We have identified what this dream means in many different contexts and covered these all below. Read on to find out and decode your dream – you will not be disappointed!

The Letter A in Dreams What does your dream mean if letter “A” was featured in your dream? Many people have lucid dreams, in these dreams because it is so clear, you often notice letters. For the letter “A” to appear in your dream symbolizes the start of something new in your life. This is a great time for new beginnings. You might be seeing a new opportunity,

What do dreams about railroad crossing mean? * May represent taking a break to allow your energy to flow naturally. * May represent one part of your life feeling more important that another at this time. * May represent a dangerous point in your life or in a project. * May symbolize needing to be patient and wait. * May suggest precaution before going further. Questions

What do dreams about rabbit mean? * May symbolize abundance. * May symbolize fertility. * May symbolize sexual activity. * May symbolize your own animal energy. * May represent memories of Easter, or plans for Easter. Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes: * Pull a rabbit out of your hat. (Surprise others with your skill.)

What do dreams about R mean? * May symbolize feeling a need for some Rest and Relaxation. * May represent someone whose name starts with the letter R. * May represent something that starts with the letter R. * May symbolize the number 18. * May symbolize when you were 18 years old.

What do dreams about quilt mean? * May symbolize the many parts of your psyche and life that have been pieced together to provide protection for your body and soul. * May represent family or community. * May represent history or heritage. * May symbolize covering up parts of yourself and hiding them from self or others. * May represent completion by piecing elements

What do dreams about question mean? * May symbolize feelings of doubt. * May represent getting in touch with your true self. * May symbolize education. * May symbolize questing for higher knowledge or spiritual enlightenment. * May symbolize feeling curious. Questions to ask yourself: * What is the question?