Dream Hit, Hippopotamus, Hobbit ………… Hinge To see a hinge in your dream represents your access to opportunities or information. Hippie To see a hippie in your dream represents excess and freedom of expression. To dream that you are a hippie suggests that you want to be different. You are rejecting some aspect of society. Hippopotamus To see a

Dream Heart, Heel, Help ………. Heart To see your heart in your dream signifies truth, courage, love, and romance. It is representative of how you are currently dealing with your feelings and expressing your emotions. Also consider the saying “the heart of the matter” which implies that you may need to get down to the core of a situation before

Dream Hangman, Happy, Hat ……… Handstand To dream that you are doing a handstand refers to ability to balance many responsibilities at the same time. Alternatively, the dream means that you feel that you need to go out of your way to please others. To see someone doing a handstand in your dream suggests that you are a hard person to please. Handwriting To

Dream Hair, Hammer, Hand ………… H To see the letter “H” in your dream symbolizes cooperation, balance and teamwork. Habit To dream about an old habit or a habit that you recently quit is an expression of your subconscious desires. Your suppressed urges are making themselves known via your dreams. Hack To dream that someone is hacking

Dream Guard, Gum, Gutter ……… Groups To see a group in your dream refers to the merging of various aspects of your character and personality. Grout To dream that you are applying grout indicates that you need solidify some new ideas. You need to piece together some relationship or situation. Growing To see something growing in your dream indicates that

Dream Graduation, Graffiti, Grave ……… Gourd To see a gourd in your dream represents abundance, longevity and fertility. It is also a feminine symbol denoting the womb. Gout To dream you have gout represents obstacles. Something may be hindering or slowing your progress. Government To dream of the government signifies power and the qualities or feelings

Dream God, Godzilla, Gloves …….. Glider To see or ride a glider in your dream represents your tendency to go with the flow of things instead of taking your own initiative and making changes in your life. It may also mean that things are a breeze for you. Glitter To see or throw glitter in your dream suggests that you need to be more outgoing. Express yourself!

Dream Ghost, Gift, Geography …….. Genocide To dream about a genocide points to your fear of other people’s differences. You are having difficulties accepting others and their differences. Alternatively, the dream is a wake up call about the hostilities in the world. Geode To see a geode in your dream symbolizes the beauty within. Things are not always

Dream Game, Garage, Garden …….. G To see the letter “G” in your dream may be a pun on money. G-String *Please See Thong Gag To dream that you are gagging denotes that you are not able to express yourself in how you really feel about a situation. Alternatively, this dream may forewarn that you need to keep quiet before you put your foot in your

Dream Friend, Frog, Fruit ……. Friend To see friends in your dream signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. In particular, to dream about your best friend means that you need to foster or acknowledge some