Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 2 Henceforth, these pages are to be the sole resource for resolving any potential for erroneous or ambiguous conclusions regarding any content posted in any of my previous entries since 2004. Some of the main factors of the dream state (though not inherent to all dreaming and waking transitions) other than literalism: Unification and

Vampire/Zombie Wife I walked into a large house and came across my wife, her mom and her 3 little sisters. They turned to look at me and had full black eyes and were covered in blood (Vampires? Zombies?). Their dad was lying dead on the floor in front of them. See also: Fermer House I started backing away and when I turned to leave the room, the youngest sister was standing

A terrible ride and an elusive bus I was going on a ride in a themed park. It was a kind of roller coaster, the carts where round like cups, they have the face of some cartoons. This ride was full with adults, there wasn’t a single kid. We were all slowly going up in a pendant, about to be thrown into a tunnel. Meanwhile, in my cart waiting to enter the tunnel,

A girl in a field Before I get into this dream I just wanna say this is a reoccurring dream. I’ve been having this dream since 1st grade, I’m in 8th now. Okay, it starts off with a girl in a field of sunflowers, she’s skipping through them. She’s very happy and its a sunny day. As she’s skipping the sunflowers behind her all turn into skulls,

Surgery I was at a restaurant but before going in their was a mother with a strollers and a little boy walking next to us. when we got in the restaurant, the mother sat next to me and gave me the the little boy because he was crying. I was weird But I ended up comforting the poor baby. But then I ended up at a operation room getting operated on. and that’s all I can

Guru & necklace Put my head on my gurus shoulder My old coral & gold bead necklace is broken& a cotton string hangs around my neck this is the gold bead & the coral is the same size -orange.

A swim I’m in a group, I think it’s a survival thing. Me and two other guys are relaxing and swimming in a lake. I can’t make out the features of one, but the other has kind of a sour face. He looks like he’s tired. We’re floating peacefully when all of a sudden we hear rushing water. On the side of the lake, a small but powerful waterfall

Shadows My brother and I are sitting upstairs in my grandmother’s guest bedroom… We are talking about legends, ghosts, and demons. Y’know, kid stuff. At some point he starts to tell me about this shadow demon, and I remember having read about it previously. I don’t know what happens if you have it, but you’ll know if you do because your

Gram’s house This is a recurring dream I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I have it about once a year, and it’s generally the same each time. I’m in my gram’s house. This is a very familiar house to me. It’s two stories, and a bit run-down, but filled to the brim with loving memories. I’m small… Not sure how little,

A witch’s house This is the first part of something I consider a full dream that got interrupted… It doesn’t make a lot of sense, honestly. In the dream, I have some information prior to the actual scene that plays out. 1. I’m being kept like a pet by a witch 2. I’m some sort of mermaid, though my fin is split down the middle much like legs. 3.