Academy Awards In Dreams A dream that involves the Academy Awards can cause encouragement and be a boost to improve your knowledge and become even more successful in your field of work. It could also mean that you crave for recognition or a price for your hard work. If you attended the academy awards in your dream then you will accomplish your current dreams and goals

Acacia in Dreams The acacia in occult terms is connected to a new start in life. What a wonderful dream to have! My name is Flo and I am so glad you looked this dream up. So you dreamed of the acacia! This can appear as either an Acacia tree or plant in the dream state. The plant is connected to being content and happy in life. If we look at the history behind this plant

Abuse Dream Meaning To dream of abuse suggests that your sense of well being has been violated and that your belief’s in life may be questioned. This dream signifies that people around you will require your help. Dreams have meaning and can be somewhat disturbing. Equally, we can turn to Sigmund Freud who believed that dreams are “our mind ways of dumping all

Abstinence – Dream Dictionary There are many things that can be associated with this dream meaning. To abstain from drinking alcohol in your dream means that you will be bombarded with feelings at the moment. To not eat in your dream indicates a desire in life to move forward. You have to try to think about the effect on others. In your dream you were… Trying

Absinthe in dreams Oh what a lucky dream! Absinthe is an alcoholic drink, which is rather rare to feature in one’s dreams but all dreams mean something! If you discover this drink in your dream it suggests a neglected part of your life that your dreaming mind is trying to encourage you to reclaim. It is telling you that it is not too late to start again, learn

Abscond Dream Meaning Absconding in a dream suggests that you are trying to get away from something in waking life. If you are a female and you dream of absconding can suggest that other people around you will be dishonest. It is normally associated with work and careers. The key message of this dream is to be wary of co-workers. Maybe you ran away to get married, perhaps

Absalom Dream Meaning In the Bible, a son of David who staged a revolt against his father’s kingship, and was defeated and killed in the ensuing battle, was named Absalom. This is the dream meaning that I have taken from older dream books to give you clarity in regards to this dream. To dream of Absalom it is significant of distressing incidents I am afraid. The

Abraham Lincoln Dream Meaning If you dream of Abraham Lincoln, it is related to one’s character and ability. To dream of a person in a dream who is related to Abraham Lincoln then this is associated with one’s identity and personality. To dream of a state figure, such as this president signifies authority and control.We must now move onto this dream meaning.

Abortion Dream Meaning The termination of a baby within your dream indicates that you no longer want something in your life. I am sorry you had this dream. My name is Flo and I will help you unravel what this dream means. What is the general interpretation of dreams of abortion? This dream also represents the feeling of loneliness, guilt, sensitivity and possibly anxiety.

Aboriginal Dream Meaning This dream is connected to how you approach areas of life which are no longer needed. It is important to indicate that this dream involves how you deal with natural forces, in the sense that you can make use of them, rather than fighting what is your true destiny. If your dream involves an aboriginal or a native, then this shows the Western mind