Cheating Spouse Normally i don’t like to vent but i must vent on this particular one because i can relate. It all started when my company had a diner party and i introduced my fiancée to my boss. I noticed they talked for so long, longer than usual then i went ahead to retrieve her after greeting the rest of my colleagues and their family,what i didn’t know

Chakras Chakras are energy centers within the body that come from Eastern traditions. They are both universal and not universal at the same time. See also: Car Review By this, I mean their metaphorical or symbolic meaning is universal, while their physical or rather metaphysical (spiritual) reality is not. Each of the chakras both represent a specific kind of energy

Beltane At the beginning of summer there is a sabbat. This sabbat is called Beltane. It celebrates the Sun God Bel?s coronation feast and new life. It marks the time when trees, grass, and flowers are coming out of their long, winter hibernation and beginning to grow again. It marks the beginning of summer. Beltane means ?Fire of Bel.? Beltane is celebrated the night

Astral Travel We all leave our physical bodies when we go to sleep at night. You may have thought you were dreaming when actually you out of body traveling around the astral planes. For instance if you were dreaming in full blown color and maybe flying or falling then in these scenarios you would actually be astral projecting. You can learn to consciously leave the body

Ask a Tree a Question If you live near a pine forest all to the good, but as all woods have their own particular magic, any wood will do. Avoid following this ritual when the wind is blowing, for you will probably find that there are too many leaves vying for your attention! See also: Recipes for your table As you make your way to the woods, form a question in your mind

Aset and the Black Isis The Black Virgin The Black Virgin is a concept of the Virgin Mary, but in a far more widespread sense of the Virgin than normally thought of. The Black Virgin is often those goddesses and people such as Aset (Auset, Isis), the Black Madonna, and many others coming out of cultures different than traditional Christianity. Many of these iconic ladies

The Moon The importance of the Moon and Lunar Calendars. We all know of the Moon, but it is such a common sight that we have forgotten some of its most important aspects. Every ancient culture used the Moon as the base of their calendar, not the Sun as we do today, and there was great reason to do so. To understand the importance of the Moon, we first need some facts: It

The Power of Color The color of an item can have drastic effects on any spell you cast, and generally on your day to day life. Many times spells will require a certain color candle or colored pen or something else of color. The color is not chosen randomly, instead, each color has certain properties which can help to enhance the effects of a spell. Sometimes just wearing