Abode dream meaning So the word abode is the old fashioned term of a home. Maybe you had a dream of your house or someone else’s house? To dream of problems connected to your home indicates that you have lost faith in life. The dream signifies that you may have difficulties facing other people in the future. The key message is to cheer up. If you have no abode

Abject Dream Meaning This dream may include the following feelings: utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched. If you are responding to an abject situation (that has made you feel depressed) then this dream indicates that you don’t have the experience to overcome adversity. The other areas of your dream are focused on having great expectations in the

Abhorrence Dream Meaning In dreams, we sometimes find that we do not like someone or something, a complete sense of abhorrence. To interpret this dream we need to assume that you felt a sense of “negativity” in the dream state. Basically, this dream may occur if you need to open your eyes to other people’s behavior. Maybe you hate somebody or a situation

Abdomen Dream Meaning If you see your own stomach in a dream this is connected to your natural ability to express your emotions in life. If your stomach was swollen then this indicates that you are finding it hard to cope with everyday tasks. It is time to think about how you can relax. This is a direct indication of something that you are finding difficult to cope with.

Abbey Dream Meaning To dream of an abbey or a religious building has many meanings depending on the context of your dream. Oh, what a wonderful dream. The abbey is spiritual in nature. Many people dream of an abbey in relation to seeing a wedding, funeral or religious service taking place in the abbey. Any dream connected to religion takes on more significance than any

Abandonment Dream Meaning This dream can mean that you are not trusting yourself in a specific situation. More generally it refers to the lack of appreciation of others. Abandonment usually comes when we realize that there is a fear of being excluded from society or from a group of people. Such anxieties commonly re-occur in our dreams when we are trying to protect something

Abalone dream meaning An Abalone is a small sea snail that is edible. Welcome to this website I do hope you enjoy reading about your dream. So you had a dream of an Abalone? For this to appear in your dream it means that there is potential for a brand new beginning or growth. Should you see abalone’s swimming in the sea, you might be wasting you energy on something.

A Torn Bag Dream Dictionary This dream can be somewhat creepy and even disturbing! Or even worse, the dream could actually turn out to be a complete nightmare! Perhaps you have had some contents in a bag during your dream and it suddenly rips, then all the wonderful contents of the bag spill on the floor. Perhaps you are even hurriedly trying to put items into a bag

Panda featured in a dream Well what an odd dream one would say! A panda eating bamboo! This dream is considerably rare. In order to dissect the dream meaning, we need to look at the symbolism. The panda bear itself is probably one of the most admired animals, especially as they are now endangered. We all love the fluffiness of the panda bear and we could give it “a

Heavy bag dream meaning Perhaps you had a dream about carrying a heavy bag and you are wondering what on earth it means! I have experienced many different vivid dreams regarding bags. This has been in relation to bags of dropped alternatively dragging a bag on the floor because it is far too heavy. Some people do not remember their dreams, however other people dream