What does the dream Shade, Apricot, Advance, Abortion, Accident ……. Shade If in a dream you enjoy the comfort of a home, sitting under a lampshade, means that you are waiting for changes in your personal life. You can not rule out a fast marriage. For a young woman, the dream in which she herself makes the lampshade, means that she will be a good mistress,

Why Dream Aroma, Army, Watermelon, Pharmacy, Angel, Pineapple …….. Asphalt You see in a dream, as workers stack asphalt, then in real life you are expected to change. Perhaps you will finally feel some stability. If you dreamed that you have left on fresh asphalt, then in reality you will have to prove your innocence to some not too decent business. Architect If

What dream Stork, Allergy, Acrobat, Acacia …….. Allergy Allergy symbolizes the rejection of the situation. If you dreamed that you had an allergic reaction to something non-material (for example, to communicate with any person or to any book or program, etc.), then you should be more restrained in expressing your attitude towards activities of other people. Alcoholic You

Why dream of Butterfly, Bazaar, Bank, Bow ……… Butterfly If you see butterflies in a dream – a good sign. Butterfly, fluttering in a dream among flowers and green grass, promises wealth and prosperity. To dream a lot of butterflies is to get news from missing friends. For a young woman, such a dream portends a love that will end in a happy marriage. Grandmother When

Why dream of the Bible, ticket, curlers, Jewelry …….. Bible A dreamed Bible promises pure and innocent joy. If you dream that you are criticizing the Bible, then in reality you will succumb to temptation. Curlers For a young woman, the dream in which she winds her hair on the curlers, means that in the near future, she is expecting joyful events. If in a

Why dream Pants, Bouquet, Sandals, Pins, Bull ……. Diamonds In general, diamonds dream of luck. If you dreamed that you have diamonds, then you have respect and patronage in high society. For a young woman, a dream in which a lover gives her diamonds, means that she is destined to have a successful marriage, to which everyone will be happy. However, if in

What is the dream of Broom, Wedding, Rope, Bucket, Wafers ……. Railway carriage You dreamed of a car, expect from life a series of pleasures, as well as the desired guests. If you dreamed that you are traveling in a sleeping car, your health will soon recover, and you will catch up with everything lost during the illness. The dream in which you are trying

Why dream Cherry, Hair, Waterfall, Wolf, Fork …….. Paddle If you hold the oars in your hands, then in real life you will suffer a deep disappointment associated with your too kind and benevolent nature. If you dreamed that you lost the paddle, then in reality you will not be able to carry out the plan. A dream in which you see a broken paddle means that you

What dream thief, Raven, Louse, Vulcan Shot ………. Thief You dreamed that you were stealing something and are now chasing you, then be ready for a change for the worse. The dream in which you pursue a thief promises victory over the enemies. If you dreamed a thief-pickpocket, then in reality you will be pursued by minor hardships. For a young woman, the

What’s the dream of a Fortuneteller, Viper, Tie, Harmon, Nails …… Fortune-teller A dream in which a fortune teller predicts her fate by hand, means that in real life she will have friendly relations with men, but she will not have girlfriends. The dream in which she herself tries to read the meaning of the lines on someone’s hand means that she