What dream the Voice, Hunger, Dove, Mountain, Mustard …….. Tadpoles If you see tadpoles, then in reality you will make deals that will further cause your anxiety. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees tadpoles swimming in clear water means that she has to get acquainted with a rich man who does not adhere to strict moral principles. Hunger You are

Why dream Mushroom, Storm, Pear, Lips, Geese ……. Mushroom To see mushrooms is an unfavorable sign. He portends the emergence of unhealthy desires, and your wealth you risk wasting on dubious pleasures. If you eat mushrooms in a dream, then you are destined for an indecent love affair. For a girl such a dream means a moral fall. Mane If you iron the mane of

Why dream about Grandpa, Money, village, children, tree ……… Dentist If you come to an appointment with a dentist and do not feel afraid, then in real life there are no insurmountable obstacles for you. If you dreamed that a dentist is removing your tooth, then waking up to you personally or over your loved ones is threatened with a serious illness.

What dreams Rain, Director, House, Road, Fight ……. Director If you are talking with your director, then in real life you will experience a lot of anxiety and excitement. Get a reprimand from the director – to a bargain. To the young leader this dream portends a great success in all matters. If you dream that you yourself are the director, then soon

What is the dream of Firewood, Spirits, Friend, Duel, Uncle …….. Firewood Seeing a bundle of wood in a dream portends a failure in business and conflicts with loved ones. If you dreamed that you are selling firewood, then you will be able to achieve success only by standing in a fierce struggle. Friend If happy friends have a dream – wait for pleasant

What a dream Eurorepair, Food, Hedgehog, Riding, Go ……. Renovation If you do a renovation, this may indicate that you are inclined to believe illusions in reality. A dream in which you help someone to make European-style repairs means that you will be supported by an influential person. If in a dream you try to make a renovation in your small apartment, then

What dreams about Toad, Thirst, Pearl, Groom …… Toad To see a toad is an unfavorable sign. You may have to go on an undesirable trip. For a woman, such a dream means that all sorts of rumors will spread around her. If you kill a toad in a dream, then your actions will be criticized. If you dreamed that you covered a toad with your hand or just took it in

What is a dream Fence, Splinter, Registry, Castle, Sunset ……. Fence You climbed the fence, meaning that all your endeavors will be successful. Falling from the fence means that you will take on a business that is not capable of, and make sure in practice that all your efforts will be fruitless. Going through a hole in a fence means that you will use illegal

What dreams do Drought, Earth, Mirror, Snake, Gold …….. Drought The drought seen in a dream is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream portends international conflicts and bloody wars. There are shipwrecks and disasters, family quarrels and divorces, illnesses and accidents. Eclipse If you see an eclipse of the sun, then you are set for failures in business and

Why dreaming Willow, Needle, Izba, Treason, Raisins ……. Willow If you see willow trees, then you will have a certain trip that will not bring you joy. Consolation for you will be your friends. Needle You sew with a needle, then you should be afraid of trouble. In addition, you risk losing the love of a person close to you. Threading a needle, means that it