Why dream Cactus, Kabak, Kamish, Ditch …….. Cabinet If you dreamed that you are walking along a long corridor, looking into all the offices, and do not find any living soul, then in real life you can count on the support of close friends. If in a dream you took one of the rooms of your apartment or your house under the office, then in reality intellectual

What the Dream Cemetery, Chestnuts, Bugs, Goats ……. Chestnuts If you dreamed that you are holding chestnuts in your hands, then in business you will incur losses. However, your annoyance will be brightened up by the appearance of a new partner who will remain true to you for many years. If you eat chestnuts in a dream, then soon there will be no trace of

Why dream Purse, Cats, Cross, Bonfire, Scythe …… Room The dream in which you are in a richly furnished room promises a big financial success, connected with the winning or the appearance of an unexpected inheritance. For a young woman such a dream promises a rich husband. However, if the room is poorly furnished, then in the marriage it will have to constantly

What dreams Blood, Wings, Curls, Doll, Swimming ……… Bed You see the bed and feel the desire to lie on it and fall asleep, then in real life you tend to go on about your desires, which often affects quite deplorably in the course of your affairs. If you dreamed that you are lying on someone else’s bed, then in reality you should be ready, to the

Why dream Labyrinth, Lava, Lily of the Valley, Ice, Lily ……. Labyrinth To see the labyrinth, symbolizes traps and intricate situations. If you dream that you are wandering the dark labyrinth in search of an outlet, then in reality awaits you is a disease or other trouble that, however, will quickly pass. A labyrinth of intertwining branches symbolizes some

Why dream Horse, Meadow, Puddle, Bow, People, Love ……. Horse Seeing horses is a sign that you will accumulate wealth and enjoy life to the fullest. Riding on a white beautiful horse is a good sign, predicting the joys associated with people close to you. If the horse is thin and dirty, be wary of betrayal on the part of envious persons. A black horse is a

Why dream Raspberries, Marmalade, Masquerade, Mother, Trifle ……. Poppies A dream in which you see a poppy, means that in your life comes a period of enjoyment of pleasure, but it will not last long. Sniffing poppies is a lie. Raspberries You see a raspberry, means that on your way there will be some circumstance that you can first take for an exciting adventure.

Why dream Pray, Sword, Bag, Lightning, Milk …… Sword If you are considering a knight’s armor and a sword in a museum, then in real life you do not have enough romance. For a young woman, the dream in which she sees a duel with swords warns her that she is misleading her fans, giving them an unjustified hope for reciprocity. Bag See full bags –

What a dream Man, Garbage, Flies, Soap, Mouse ……. Man You dreamed of a handsome strong man – a sign of success and wealth. If a man of ugly and unpleasant appearance – this is to disappointment and problems. If a beautiful man dreams of a woman, then perhaps it is expected to become famous. If a man is ugly, then she should expect trouble from

What a dream Flood, Insects, Sky, Nails ……. Flood You see how the water spills and covers more and more sushi, then prepare for the whims of fate. It is especially bad if the flow of water flushes you, as it may mean that you are expecting illnesses, financial losses, family troubles. If you are dreaming of flooding, stormy floods flooding the city and the