What are the dreams of Clouds, Update, Wallpapers, Oats, Vegetables ……. A monkey You see a monkey, then be on the alert, as flatterers will try to get into you in trust for the execution of their insidious schemes. To see in a dream a dead monkey – to the successful resolution of the situation you are in. Your worst enemies will leave the stage and

Why dream Lake, Ocean, Window, Wasp, Eagle …….. Lake For a young woman a dream, where she swims in a troubled restless lake, means that she will have a bitter repentance in her frivolous behavior. Sailing on a lake in a boat that is gradually filled with water, but despite reaching the shore, means that you are mistaken in some fundamental moments, but soon

What a dream Mansion, Island, Aspen, Father, Postcard …….. Mansion If you are in a luxurious mansion, then in reality you will get a large fortune. Go into the mansion, which should be a secret room, means that fate will bring down your blow at the most unexpected moment. To see the mansion from afar – to the future success. Island You are on an uninhabited

Why Dreams Fall, Spider, Executioner, Fingers, Panic ……… Peacock See the peacock – to the difficulties in communicating with others. If you dreamed that you see how a peacock dissolved its tail, then in reality you should not believe the promises that your acquaintances give. If you hear peacock cries in a dream, then you should be prepared for

What is the dream of Cobwebs, Singing, Feathers, Peaches, Sand ……… Web The dream in which you see the web, predicts pleasant acquaintances and good luck in risky commercial enterprises. Diaper If you are trying to wrap an adult child in diapers, then in real life you are inadequately evaluating some situation. To buy diapers – to home concerns

Why dream of leeches, Swimming, Beach, Girlfriend, Fire …….. Leeches If you see leeches, then in reality you should be ready for the intrigues of enemies. To be treated by leeches most – to illness or disease of your or your relatives. Seeing how others are treated with leeches means a disaster that can shake up with your loved ones. Unpleasant is the

Why dream of Buying, The deceased, Completeness ……. Late To see the deceased is an unfavorable sign. After such a dream, one should wait for the sad news from those who are now far away from you. Failures in commercial matters are also possible. If the deceased dreamed to you lying in a coffin, then you will be haunted by misfortunes and setbacks. To see

What dreams Ceiling, Funeral, Kiss, Hairstyle …….. Get lost A dream where you are lost means that in real life you are ripe for a lot of questions and you have lost your former confidence. If you are lost in a dream and can not find the building you are looking for, then in life you are thirsty for adventure. If you have lost a landmark inside the building,

What dreams Birds Buttons, Bees, Dust …….. Parting Seeing farewell is an unfavorable sign. Probably, you will hear unpleasant news about those who are far away. For a young woman, a dream in which she says goodbye to her lover means that in reality she will feel his indifference. If she does not feel sad at parting, then in her life there will be many admirers. Pond Sleep,

What a dream Rainbow, Ruins, Rana, Comb ……. Joy If you feel joy, then in reality you are destined to enjoy well-being in the house and understanding among friends. Job You work hard, then you should do a lot of work to succeed. If you dream, how others work, you will enjoy interesting communication. If you dream that you are looking for work, then be careful