What are you dreaming about Kissing, Chains, Chickens, Gypsies ……. Scratch You have scratched someone, then in reality your shy disposition will prevent you from building harmonious relationships with others. If you were scratched, then be afraid of intrigues of enemies. Bloom If you see blossoming trees and bushes in a dream, then the near future will bring

What’s Dreaming Suitcase, Worms, Damn, Garlic …….. Tea Sleep, where you make tea, means that in real life you risk to commit some unseemly act, which you will later bitterly regret. If in a dream you see a sediment in your mug with tea, then it will be hard for you to cope with love disappointments. If you dreamed that you want to quench your thirst

Why dream Cap, Silk, Fur coat, Champagne ……… Shawl You dreamed of a shawl, then you should not attach much importance to praise, since it will come from the lips of flatterers. Unfavorable is the dream in which you lost the shawl. For a young woman he portends a cruel deception. Champagne Champagne is a favorable sign. If you dreamed that you can not

Why dream of sorrel, gravel, Cheek, Puppy ……… Sorrel For a woman a dream, where she cooks pies with sorrel, means that she has innate propensities for housekeeping. However, it is possible that fate did not give her an opportunity to show her talents. If you see wild-growing sorrel bushes in a dream, then you can count on the success of your enterprise. Crushed

What is the dream about Exam, Crew, Excursion, Floor …….. Exam If in the exam you forgot the material you learned, then in reality you do not have enough self-confidence and own strength, which often causes many troubles. If you successfully pass the exam in a dream, then it is possible that in life you are considered a loser, although you yourself do not

Why dream of Skirt, Apple, Berry, Poison, Eggs ……. Skirt For a young woman a dream, where she wears a lower skirt, says that she has a very, very romantic nature. However, the realities of life make her “a strong woman.” To see how a mini skirt barely covers a thick ass means that you are striving in the depths of the forbidden fruit, which seems