Breaking Down Steeda’s 8-Second Ford Mustang
96643 Breaking Down Steeda's 8-Second Ford Mustang

Breaking Down Steeda’s 8-Second Ford Mustang

And that was just under the hood. Steeda also replaced the suspension, steering rack, brakes, sway bar, shock mounts, bushings, bumper bars, links and more. It added new wheels and tires, as well as carbon fiber for the hood and trunk, to save weight. And when the company was finished, it had a car that ran a 9.76 ET at 143 mph. Of course, with that much power and speed, things happen.

“After experimenting with some more aggressive fuels on the naturally aspirated build, an injector stuck wide open and ultimately leaned out an entire bank on the N/A motor. You can assume what happened from there,” explains the build page, meaning the engine is no longer with us. “This left us with an amazing opportunity to take the Silver Bullet in a direction it’s never gone before.”

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