Callaway Cars Greatest Hits
95520 Callaway Cars Greatest Hits

Callaway Cars Greatest Hits

Callaway Cars is a specialty vehicle manufacturer focusing on performance packages for GM vehicles, most famously the Corvette. Typically, Callaway installs its components and packages, and the cars are sold through GM dealers, complete with warranties and branded as Callaway. However, Callaway Cars didn’t start out specializing in GM cars.

The story started in 1973 when Reeves Callaway began working as a driving instructor at Bob Bondurant’s racing school. The school started teaching with the E21 generation BMW 320i and Callaway realized the car had more potential. He developed a prototype turbocharger system for the 320i and, following publicity from Car and Driver, started producing a kit for the BMW community.

Callaway built the business up from scratch and formed Callaway Cars in 1977, building turbocharger kits for the leading German brands. His success led to Alfa Romeo commissioning the company to build a souped-up version of its 2.5-liter GTV-6 coupe, which then gained attention from GM’s Chief Engineer for the Corvette, Dave McLellan. That led to the Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette, sold through select GM dealers as a Regular Production Option (RPO), and the legendary Callaway Sledgehammer car.

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