Callaway Has Big Plans For The C8 Corvette
95868 Callaway Has Big Plans For The C8 Corvette

Callaway Has Big Plans For The C8 Corvette

According to the company founder, we won’t see a Callaway version of the new C8 Corvette until next year. Callaway is currently adding “some form of positive manifold pressure” to four Corvette Stingrays at its shop in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Like most of Callaway’s creations, this suggests the modified Corvette will have some kind of forced induction, but Callaway remained tight-lipped about specific details.

“What we have to do from a product point of view is slotted to the product plan in the correct way,” said Callaway. “And what that means for us is, we can’t compete with any model that General Motors produces, we have to be an additive to whatever model we choose. And whatever model makes the most sense, though we don’t want to be in a position where people have to choose between a Callaway and a General Motors standard product, we want them to always think of the standard product as enhanced by Callaway’s approach. So generally, we choose the top performing model and do something to it.”

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