Can we farm salmon on land? #shorts #science #SciShow

There's nothing like farm-fresh food. Broccoli, potatoes… salmon? Turns out we're getting closer than ever to farming all kinds of fish on land! Hosted by: Savannah Geary (they/them) Jesslyn Shields : Writer
Sarah Meismer: Fact Checker
Amy Peterson: Script Editor
Madison Lynn: Videographer, Script Supervisor
Savannah Geary: Editor, Associate Producer
Daniel Comiskey: Editorial Director
Sarah Suta: Producer
Caitlin Hofmeister: Executive Producer
Hank Green: Executive Producer Sources:,bloom%20if%20they%20are%20in%20high%20concentrations%20%28n.d%29. Image Sources:,_Game_and_Forests_of_the_State_of_New_York_(1896)_(14752111092).jpg

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