Canada's Minivan Plant Could Build Next-Generation Dodge Charger And Challenger

In preparation for this, Stellantis has already inked a joint venture agreement with LG Energy Solution to build a $5 billion battery plant in Windsor. Last spring, the automaker confirmed it will invest $3.6 billion to retool the Windsor and Brampton plants to build electrified vehicles. Windsor currently employs 4,000 hourly workers in a two-shift operation. With the new investment, the goal is to increase that to a three-shift operation.

“The absolute goal is for the Windsor plant to get back on to a three-shift operation [as it had been] for many, many years,” Stewart added.

Despite Stellantis not providing information regarding its minivans’ future, we shouldn’t consider them dead just yet. After all, that new architecture would also be ideal for an all-electric minivan using design cues from the Chrysler Airflow Concept.

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