83206 China's New Concept Has Better Aerodynamics Than Bugatti Chiron

China’s New Concept Has Better Aerodynamics Than Bugatti Chiron

In an effort to one-up Bugatti, the Eno.146 has a drag coefficient of 0.146, hence its name. Meanwhile, the Chiron has a 0.35 rating. GAC claims the concept’s Cd is one of the lowest in the world.

GAC aims to have all of its production vehicles fully electrified by 2025, a goal other international automakers also share, though the date itself varies. But it’s the Eno.146 where GAC is truly showing its R&D achievements. With its gullwing-style doors and powerful electric motors, the Eno.146 is precisely what a concept vehicle should be: exotic. Will it ever reach production? The automaker made no mention of whether or not this will happen.

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