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Dasa Periods of Planets, Saturn

Dasa Periods of Planets, Saturn

Saturn Dasa – 19 years

Saturn Bukthi – 3years 3 days

ill health , mental tension , worry from sons, wife and relations, some loss is also indicated.

Mercury Bukthi – 2 years 8 months 9 days

Expansion of education and knowlege, financial improvement, marriage or birth of child, favourable news in place of work and holy ceremonies at home.

Kethu Bukthi – 1 year 1month 9 days

Ill health due to swelling in joints, especially knee joints, loss of money, quarrel with son, fear of poison, trouble through women.

Venus Bukthi – 3 years 2 months

This is a brighter period. Promotion in job or favorable news in the place of work, happiness in family, success in undertaking, coming of wife’s property and victory in disputes.

Sun Bukthi – 9 months 18days

Diseases due to poison of blood, theft, affliction in eyes, wife and children badly affected and mental suffering.

Moon Bukthi – 1 year 7 months

Loss of property and money, debts, changing of house due to dispute, enmity among relations, death of some important family member.

Mars Bukthi – 1 year 1 month 9 days

Bad name, wandering or frequent transfer in job, serious illness, loss by theft etc.

Rahu Bukthi – 2 years 10 months 6 days

Increase of troubles, diseases in limb, insect bites, misery in every walk.

Jupiter Bukthi – 2 years 6 months 12 days

Compartively this is better period, purchase of ornaments, physical comforts, success in expected matters, new friends and new position.

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Mercury Dasa – 17 years

Mercury Bukthi – 2 years 4 months 27 days

Purchase of home or shifting to more comfortable place, money and help from relatives, learning of astrology or similar subjects, improvement in conditions of life.

Ketu Bukthi – 11 months 27 days

Disease due to excess of bile in the body, unnecessary travels, loss of wealth, mental agony, improvement in eduaction, success in artistic lines can be expected.

Venus Bukthi – 2 years 10 months

Religious ceremonies at home, purchase of jewels, marriage or birth of child, family happiness, prosperity to relatives, purchase of landed properties also likely, illegal connections, drinking liquor habit develops.

Sun Bukthi – 10 months 6 days

Royal honour, appointment, vehicles, political career, etc. Disease in stomach, fire accidents, sickness to wife, acquisition of some wealth.

Moon Bukthi – 1 year 5 months

Health troubles, disputes through women, gain through women, jewels, general ill will of relations.

Mars Bukthi – 11 months 27 days

Some benefits from superiors, disease due to insect bite, neighbors becoming enemies, visiting house of ill fame, punishments by superiors, mental anxiety.

Rahu Bukthi – 2 years 6 months 18 days

Evil and bad connections with women, change in position, failure in cases, money from friends, disease due to indigestion and the like, acquisition of Divine Knowledge.

Jupiter Bukthi – 2 years 3 months 6 days

Some benefits from superiors, birth of son, closeness of relations, wife becoming more attached, ill feeling with relations, quarrel, il health, loss of wealth, misunderstanding with father or son and the like.

Saturn Bukthi – 2 years 8 months 9 days

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Diseases, debts, scandal, money from illegal sources, failure in land holdings or failure in iron or oil business. Good actions like building temples or charities or pilgrimage.

Ketu Dasa – 7 years

Ketu Bukthi – 4 months 27 days

Mental worry due to son or wife, loss of money, poison, fear, a general set back and check in life.

Venus Bukthi – 1 years 2 months

Success in undertaking, birth of child, ill health to children, fever or dysentry.

Sun Bukthi – 4 months 6 days

Check in business, expansion of knowlege, uneasiness, travel, health of wife giving anxiety and worry.

Moon Bukthi – 7 months

Financial improvements, loss or mental uneasiness, disease through water or cold, troubles from children.

Mars Bukthi – 4 months 27 days

A general anxiety about children, quarrels in family, increase of enemies, punishments, death, operation in the body.

Rahu Bukthi – 1 year 18 days

Royal or government punishments, blood poison, loss of wealth or property, loss in business, visiting prostitute homes for pleasure.

Jupiter Bukthi – 11 months 6 days

Contact with persons of high status, happiness through wife, marriage, increase in holdings, profits in business.

Saturn Bukthi – 1 year 1 month 9 days

Prison life conditions, loss of money in many ways, strained feelings with relations, exile to far off places, change of house.

Mercury Bukthi – 11 months 27 days

Money from mental pursuits, children giving worry and anxiety, failure of ideas or plans, fear from relations, etc.

Venus Dasa- 20 years

Venus Bukthi – 3 years 4 months

A general easiness will prevail in life conditions increase in finance, fame, birth of male child.

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Sun Bukthi – 1 year

This is not so much a favorable period. General anxiety, troubles in family, quarrel, damage to property and wealth.

Moon Bukthi – 1 year 8 months

Gain through women, expansion of mental activity, vehicles, success in undertakings, intense devotion to God, nervous troubles due to excess sexual pleasure and troubles through women.

Mars Bukthi – 1 year 2 months

Increase of family holdings, marriage, wealth through women, materialistic outlook, diseases of eye or bile.

Rahu Bukthi – 3 years

Change of place of living, getting property by lottery or race or by unexpected ways, silent prayers, name and fame increasing.

Jupiter Bukthi – 2 years 8 months

Help from persons in rank, patronage from wife and children , Royal honor and wealth. When Jupiter is in 6, 8, 12 houses there would be unnecessary travel, failures, general disgust in life.

Saturn Bukthi – 3 years 2 months

Disease due to evil habits, bad company, loss of health and money.

Mercury Bukthi – 2 years 10 months

Marriage, success in court affairs, increase in financial standards, children giving mental satisfaction, ailments in the body.

Kethu Bukthi – 1 year 2 months

Pilgrimage, worship, visiting saints, good education to children, danger from animals, weakness of body, anxiety but the end will be in happiness.

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Dasa Periods of Planets, Saturn

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