Debbie Reynolds & Elizabeth Taylor Were Part Of Hollywood’s Greatest Love Triangle

You think you know love triangles? Think again! Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor were the Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie of their time, fighting over a hunk who was seemingly taken — just like Brad Pitt! Read all the juicy details, right here!

Look, as captivating as Debbie Reynolds‘, 84, acting career was, it was actually her personal life that captured the media’s attention. We’re speaking specifically of her twisted love triangle with Elizabeth Taylor, 79, and hubby at the time, Eddie Fisher, 82. Basically Eddie is Brad Pitt, Elizabeth is Angie, and Debbie is Jen in this story. The two Hollywood beauties started out as BFFs who were both in loving marriages, but all of that changed when Elizabeth’s husband died in 1958.

Life as a widow didn’t suit Elizabeth much, so she took it upon herself to hit on Eddie. She “liked him enough to take him without an invitation,” confessed Debbie at the time. The following year, 1959, Elizabeth and Eddie were already an item, leading to Debbie’s highly publicized divorce. “I felt you can’t make a man leave, you can’t make him do something he doesn’t want to do,” she explained to PEOPLE. Debbie didn’t blame Elizabeth, she blamed her husband for choosing to leave. Sympathy from fans around the world immediately went to Debbie, who was forced to raise the kids as a single mother.

Hollywood’s Most Notorious Love Triangles — Pics

Communication between the former besties was cut off for many years. But right before Elizabeth’s passing in 2011, they were were able to reconcile…a little bit. Their reunion happened on ACCIDENT as they were both aboard the same ship cruise. “She came to the state room and we had drinks, and we had dinner together,” added Debbie, noting that no real apologies are said. Still, Debbie felt the drama was finally put to rest and she could carry on with a clear conscience. Sound familiar, guys?!

HollywoodLifers, how crazy does their love triangle sound?! Share your thoughts with us!

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