Difference in age – how does the relationship
69649 Difference in age - how does the relationship

Difference in age – how does the relationship

Difference in age – how does the relationship

The difference in age will help to calculate with whom to build love, and with whom – friendship, whom you can trust, and from whom you should stay away.

So the astrologers of Ancient Egypt thought, by observing the connection between numerology and the planets influencing our life. According to their calculations, the following was obtained

Knowing this, the Egyptians predicted what the coming year will be, counting from the ascension to the throne of the next Pharaoh, and how the relationship between the potential bride and groom and the trading partners born in different years will develop.

Many years later astrological psychologist Vadim Levin, the author of the books “Miracles of the Zodiac”, “Aphorisms. Astrological riddles. Paradoxes, “slightly revised the observations of Egyptian predecessors, imposing on the calculations one of the oldest horoscopes – Zoroastrian.

According to Levin, this overlap helps not only to understand the relations with relatives, but also to properly “orient” in the team or, if you are the leader, to build it competently.

And Levin began with Saturn. For a simple reason: the Zoroastrian calendar is based on the 32-year cycle of Saturn – the planet to which the number 8 corresponds. Therefore, years, multiples of 8 (obtained from this figure by multiplying or dividing it by 2), Levin considered the most significant, giving birth to friends and partners for each of us. Remember how many years your birth separates from the birth of the person of interest to you, and look for the number in the list below.


4 years of age difference give birth to “second cousins”. You have fairly close views on life and moral principles, you easily understand each other and can rely on strong and reliable relations. True, most likely, this partnership will last no more than a few years, after which one of you desperately needs changes, because the four correspond to Uranus – the planet of change.

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8 years of age difference give birth to “cousins”. This connection is stronger than the previous one. In each other you see the potential that is not visible to others, and therefore you have mutual affection and can put your shoulder in time or give good advice. This is a teacher-student relationship, where you take turns to perform in different roles, and they can last for many years.

16 years of age difference give birth to “siblings” – the best partners in life and in business. Astrological “brother”, according to Levin, is much closer to the blood: regardless of the difference in education, origin, views on life, he (she) is your second “half.” You have a relationship of complementarity, beneficial and important for both sides.

Every 16 years this cycle is repeated. That is, if between your births, for example, 20 years have passed, for each other you will be (20-16 = 4) “second cousins”.


Based on the nature of Saturn, Vadim Levin calculated the difference, which separates people who are not too suitable for living together and business. It is associated with the number 3, which corresponds to Jupiter – the planet is fortunate, but Saturn is hostile.

A three-year difference in age between partners gives rise to “small antipodes.” These people are drawn to each other, how the positive and negative poles of the magnet are attracted. Therefore, characters with such an age difference quite often go under the crown or are immersed in joint business projects. However, not for long. In 2-3 years the difference between partners becomes obvious even to themselves. Keep the relationship afloat is obtained only if one of the parties agrees to constantly make compromises and adjust to the other.

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6 years of age difference between a man and a woman give birth to “mature antipodes”. The sixth is connected with Venus – a planet of passion and love, not too friendly with the calculating Saturn. As a result, passion turns into jealousy and even envy of a partner’s success.

9 years of age difference give birth to “great antipodes”. For the nine is militant Mars, therefore, most likely, in such a partnership, people will not be able to avoid squabbles on the topic “Who’s in charge here” and attempts to “defeat” each other.

Neutral relations

The rest of the people who do not have a “brotherly” or “antipode” difference in age, fit together in one way or another – depending on what.

0 years of age difference (peers) gives rise, from the point of view of Levin, a “swamp”. It can be beautiful, with bright greenery and water lilies, but there is no progress in such relations – life will follow a traditional way of life, without changes.

1 year difference in age between a man and a woman gives birth to growth. No wonder the sun grows all the greens – and cabbage, and dollars. A couple with such a difference in age can successfully earn, and be productive friends, and happily marry. According to Levin, the year holds the Zodiac stronger: partners can treat categorically incompatible signs, but at the same time live long and amicably.

2 years of age difference between partners give birth to a community of souls. For such a gap in the age of the dreamy and romantic Moon meets, so the partners understand each other from a half-word, at the level of intuition, help each other grow in the personal plane. True, the commercial activities of the moon does not patronize.

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5 years of age difference, as well as 10, 15, 20 years (multiples of 5) give birth to a business partnership: such people are excellent in pulling things in one harness.

7 years of age difference give rise to spiritual relationships. Seven corresponds to the mysterious Neptune, which brings to our lives “fateful” people. Not the fact that you will have a serious love or you can organize a lucrative business relationship, but that the partner will somehow play an important role in your Fate is for certain.

11 years of difference give rise to consumer relations. One of the couple, most likely, will be a donor (money, love, life energy), and the second – a “vampire”, ready to break off relations at the moment when the donor can not give him anything else.

12 years of difference give birth to contradictions. Partners here are people born under the same sign of the Chinese horoscope, but fundamentally different in the elements. For example, the Fire Dog and the Earth Dog will hardly get along with each other.

13 years of difference give birth to companions who share a common mission of life.

14 years of age difference give birth to interlocutors. Every word said in this pair will be worth its weight in gold. And to kill such a relationship can only silence partners.

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