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DIY Felt Bunny Ears

Do you hear what I hear? Hop, hop, Easter is just around the corner! Aren’t these just just the most adorable felt ears you ever did see?  We loved creating this fun little Easter DIY for kids- young and old! Not only are they fun to make, but the kids loved them too! You’ll be sure to keep these headbands for years to come!

Head over to your local craft store to pick up the pieces for this project. (We’ve also linked all the supplies below They are perfect for Easter and then to keep around for dressing up, birthday parties too!

Annnnddd, if you can’t find the time to make these before Easter, we’ve also linked a couple pre-made ears that are just as adorable cute for your the little bunny in your life!

You can find Lilly’s spring floral jacket here.


You will need the following supplies to make one set of ears:

2 sheets of 11″ x 9″ light grey felt (any color really)
1 sheet of 11″ x 9″ white felt
24″ of 1/4 ” twill tape
6″ of elastic tape (one package)
Small pom poms (we used 4 per set of ears)


The first step to making these cute DIY felt bunny ears is to cut out all of the felt pattern pieces, the tie ribbon and elastic pieces, to get yourself set up for the project!

For the Ears
1) Place inside ear on top of outside ear.
2) Top stitch close to edge.
3) Fold in half (right sides together) and stitch on wrong side a ¼ inch pleat (about ½ inch in length) starting at the bottom going up.
4) Stitch two 1/8 inch pleats on the back outside ear.
5) Stitch front and back together, right sides facing each other.  (1/8 inch seam)
6) Trim. Turn right side out. Set aside.

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For the Head strap
1) Stitch elastic to the two short head band pieces.
2) Stitch tie ribbons to one end of each of the short head band pieces.
3) Stitch short pieces of the head band to each end of the larger bands.
4) Pin ears in place on one of the head band pieces. (Do not place to high up or ears will flop.)
5) Stitch the ears in place.
6) Top stitch the two head straps together.
7) Add pompoms (you can glue but recommend sewing).

Thank you Sarah from our MH Team (and her oh so crafty mom),  for such an amazing Easter DIY idea!

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DIY Felt Bunny Ears

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