Dog Horoscope 2018
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Dog Horoscope 2018

Dog Horoscope 2018


The year of the Dog would be a better year for Dog natives than the previous years. There would be better focus in life. You know what you want to achieve in life and the ways and the means to achieve the same. Most of the Dog people would be quite ambitious as this happens to be your native year. A successful period ahead is forecast.


During the year 2018, the Dog people would be much interested with their professional pursuits. Much commitment and hard work would be needed to excel in your relevant field this year. Show your talents or potential to your authorities to get into their good books. Many of you guys would get the much needed promotion or pay-hike this season. Confidence would be the key to survival in the job front for now. Those pursuing business also get to make in good money for the period.


For Dog natives, finances would be of average nature this year. However you need to be cautious and might need help from around to stem the tide of financial hitches. Debts and loans need to be paid off this year. The start of the year might bring in restricted inflow of funds, however the year-end might bring about a windfall for Dog natives in 2018.


Natives are in for major changes in their love life this year. The start of the year itself would be bringing about these much anticipated changes. Some of you would be tying the knot and getting into the serious business of marriage, rearing children and the like.

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Though occasional misunderstanding would be pronounced this year with spouse or partner, a generally harmonious period awaits if you are committed to the relationship. Periodic hurts and rifts might be common though.

A good time when the Dog natives are advised to spend ample time with family and friends to keep the bonds strong. Also make occasional pruning in relationship if the situation warrants the same.


The year 2018 promises you lots of energy and goodness in physical condition. But then do not stress yourself, instead take ample rest. Do not over-burden or toil too much. Keep a tab of what you are eating and where you are eating. Do not over-indulge. Stick to meditation and other forms of exercising to keep you armed with good health and cheer.


Dog people are advised to focus on their ideals this year. Be confident of your performance and progress shall come for you without much asking. Much hard work is asked for you this time. And is not a time for leisure and pleasure. Avoid stress and strain at all costs.

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