Dogs Almost Die Due to ‘Poisoned Grass’ in East Bay

Dogs Almost Die Due to ‘Poisoned Grass’ in East Bay

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Dog owners are up in arms after several pets were poisoned in the East Bay.

Homeowners in Martinez said several dogs have gotten violently ill and almost died. The dog owners said the poisoning of their pets needs to end, especially because it is happening in an area where kids play.

“I am very afraid to walk the dog,” resident Paul Dullea said.

The last time Dullea took his dog for a walk the pet nearly died.

“Someone is poisoning the grass,” Dullea said.

Dullea said last month someone left poison in a park near his home in the Paseos Housing Development in Martinez.

“The doctor said that if I didn’t bring the dog within 24 hours, she would have died. Her organs would have shut down,” Dullea said.

At least five other dogs have also gotten sick, with the most recent incident reported last Monday, according to Dullea.

“We have animal control right here in town, so you would hope somebody would do something about it,” Marinez-resident Sue O’Leary said.

Contra Costa County Animal Services officials said they are investigating the incidents. 

Heather Dearinger is worried her son could also be exposed to the poison if the incidents continue.

“Children like to play in the grass — it’s what they like to do,” Dearinger said.

Dullea does not know why someone would poison animals and just wants whoever is responsible to get caught.

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“I think the person that is doing this needs to be stopped,” Dullea said.

Officials said they have received tips implicating a fellow resident in the housing complex, but have not made any arrests.

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area

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